Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cut 'em Up

NHS quango NICE -which assesses potential procedures on the basis of value for money has proposed dropping the requirement for gastric banding (and other weight loss surgery) from 35 to 30, if the person has diabetes. That last fact has been lost. As fat people are a disease-'obesity' ergo, hegemonous, any fat person is all fat people.

It's mostly been written up as being carte blanche for all fat people to evade their duty. Gastric mutilation is ergo posited here as a treat an evasion. Perhaps that's not surprising from people who posit fat people as intent on getting a heart attack, spending NHS money, as some kind of desirous goal.

If it goes through, it will maim and kill more fat [and some chubby and slim people] under the guise of saving their health/ lives. If I was supercold and cynical. I might wonder; if people with a BMI of 30, get slim enough to look 'sympathetic', that when inevitable complications ensue, perhaps this will  make the unacceptability of this visible to most?

Awful isn't it? But to be honest, I find it hard to get upset about it. Why should I be more upset that someone like myself-if I had diabetes could qualify for death by mangled insides than someone fatter than myself who's always qualified?

Ironically [or not, this bullshit is always tripping over its own foolishness] what may block it is the very hatred that created this disgraceful butchery. Further, the pity party may actually hinder this. What's a girl to do?!

I feel little outrage because I've already said, this belief in calorie restriction-which is effectively what these operations set out to assist-is crazy. I meant it. I wasn't being ableist. The people under the influence of it, are not acting in their right minds. It's like when anorexics talk strangely about "ana." Something like that is in charge.

Starve the fat, it must be done.

Crazy is the endgame of more than one cause. The one we think of is biochemical/electrical malfunction of the brain/nervous system. In this case, thinking that's so wrong, so unchecked due to multiple privilege descends into a similar mess. In other words, you can have a batshit stream within the context of sanity. And because of that, your overall sanity underwrites your basic credibility.

That's one mental health activists possibly didn't bank on.  When I define things, like 'obesity' is a cult. And haters read and copy what I say, saying them to FA as insults. They show up their own lack of ideas.  I don't say them for fun. I say them because that's what I observe.

When I said, this mindset is deranged. I wasn't saying it to insult. It is. It's actually worse than people who's problem is the sudden malfunctioning of their brain. Here you have people who are just like you and me, then suddenly enter a frightening phase where their brain isn't giving them the correct information.

In this case, it's more the other way around, they just keep giving their poor brain shit. And you don't even have the prospect of them recovering function, because they haven't lost that. 

Certainly, this mindset would rather cut people up, than face the fact that its a dead duck that cannot lead anywhere but to the very day when its somehow forced to accept the very reality its dodging. The very reality it will do anything, sacrifice anyone to avoid.

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