Thursday, 24 July 2014

You Did Not Eat That

Same sureness of attack, same declamatory form. With a splotch of innervating pomposity. Feel your mouth open and the air mis-behaving in the back of your throat!

Calories in/out means fat people eat and thin and slim women don't. Strangely enough, the latter continued to  expect to be spared this. And for a while, they did.

Increasingly, not it seems.

This has been going on for a while. Especially since (anti) anorexia advocates decided to exhort people to confront those who were thin, as if they couldn't just be thin natural. i.e. that thinness was their equilibrium-not their achievement.

In the media, thin women, actresses and the like have felt the need to be seen to eat in public, especially foods that are deemed unlikely to pass the lips of those slender. Even worse pose with said foods.

The pressure is for women to do whatever it takes to be thin/slim yet go at food with gusto. Be easy to be around. I remember a woman complaining that she attracted a man with her figure. But when he experienced how much effort she put into it, which was constant. He left her citing that as a reason.

Oh well.

This is ironically leading to some thin/slim women replicating what was supposed to be the trait of hyperphagia [or compulsive eating/food addiction] secret eating. One of the reasons why I cannot abide the nonsense surrounding HN is that kind of boob.

There's nothing particularly disordered about not wishing to detonate the bomb that the same smeckperts have turned food into by insisting on it as the weight lever. It can get to the point of messing with your digestion.

It's a shame, I thought at least slimz could hold up the flag of uninterrupted normal eating. But it seems, eating neurosis is overunning them too. This is bad news for all women. Slimz helped me regain a sense of what healthy eating really meant after years of hyperphagic induced in part by an unwittingly orthorexic mindset.

To have a charming benign view of food, just by being, maybe no more. 

The title, feels like a companion to, "This is why you're fat." Plus the whole fat as a feeling. Thin is probably deemed one too now. When one is hungry presumably.

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