Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Under The Influence

In the wake of a recommendation to extend gastric construction/removal surgery to those with a BMI of 30, from 35-if the person has diabetes.

Barbara Ellen manages better than too many fat people to grasp that we are looking at people in the grip of an urge they no longer have much control over.

This has been hidden under a veneer of 'science' and let's face it, class, race gender and professional privilege. And rarely subject to more than the most minimal scrutiny or challenge. It's meant base impulses have just run on beyond the bounds of rationality.

She notices this despite swallowing the ob koolaid on the "need" for fat people, with diabetes, to be butchered to "save" the NHS/other healthcare systems from the "costs du obesity."

She's still able to see this, without making excuses for haters such as they "mean well" or "believe" something;
Why do people rage against the obese so much? Why does the sight, or even the mere thought, of the obese excite such venom, disgust and outright cruelty?
Excite is right. Someone needs to starve.

Lest any haters are wondering. She displays the same fears of being accused of lipophilia as everyone else, that's basically anything not wholly on-side with fat hating. Such a default is that, not going along with it sounds wildly radical.

In describing the rank behaviour of dripping fanged lipophobes, she makes comparison with some fat people's purported emotional eating. Just to give haters a taste of how low they have sunk.

Charming. And the use of present and future tenses is weird. Like this hasn't been happening over decades. A historical as ever, other start history from when they noticed.

Ironically, it could be that people with weight problems are forced to be calm and grounded; it's others around them who get emotional and panicky about fat.
Overlooking the unfortunate terminology, that's as good a description of coming to a fat acceptance perspective as I've heard in a while.

She recognizes there's no logic in raving on about the costs of  "obesity related" i.e. diabetes then complaining about increasing weight loss surgery, on the grounds of mitigating cost. After all, they've gone with fat is toxic to the point of sickness. Anything that induces weight loss will make it better. Perhaps it doesn't come across that these are healthy organs- obese is disease in human form, including organs.

True, they're really whingeing because they know full well that all this is garbage. And that calorie restriction doesn't work. They don't care.

They just feel an extreme need to make fat people do it anyway.

Fat phobes believe in nothing and will say anything in the moment, in order to advance what they see as leading to the end game of fat people practising anorexia. They are motivated by something that has been left unchecked and unexamined. They're used their fantasy, not leading anywhere.

Things are getting a bit complex now the con game is increasingly in play.

This urge is anorexia-by-proxy (syndrome) [ABP]. When the narrow focus on calorie restriction induced weight as the solution to all problems slides into a form of anorexia. This time someone else, usually a fat person is the vehicle.

ABP is what's really been driving the crusade from year dot. Everything is arranged around this.
......anything that might make an obese person's weight loss easier or faster is automatically rubbished and undermined. The rationale is that, unless someone lost the weight themselves, and panted, sweated and suffered to do so, it's not true weight loss and it's not "deserved". 
 No, the irrational is the overweening craving for fat people to severely reduce calories.
This is how some people seem to view the overweight – wanting to push them into a relentless, almost biblical cycle of ridicule and disgust, followed by punishment and retribution and finally, if they're very fortunate, forgiveness and absolution.
She's picked up on it hasn't she? The god shaped hole. The abusive psychological manipulation. They want need fat people to starve, everything is about that. Why else would what they claim will lead to health and ergo weight loss be slammed because its not starvation level?

The construct named 'obesity' is about getting fat people to devalue themselves to the point of self abandonment. Fat phobia's throws fat people out of possession of their own bodies and lives. Others can take them over to do whatever with. Fat hate seeks to make eating so associated with pain, that fat people learn to live with any amount of painful hunger. 

It's all based on calories in/out. That seems too innocuous. But it also happens to be the basis of anorexia. Anorexia draws investment in it. Investment in it draws people into anorexia in themselves and/or in their chosen proxy.

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