Sunday, 20 July 2014

I am a Person

I'm a human being. I'm one of the people. Citizen, homo sapiens, c'est moi. And I am perfectly happy with that.

I didn't ask to be given any names or brandings.

Not 'obese'. Not "overweight" none of it. These words are unsolicited, unwarranted, unwanted, impositions.

I am not interested in identifying as or with any of these. I consider them in the same light as a non-Jewish person considers the word Gentile, or a non-Muslim considers the term infidel. It's someone else's name for what I can be categorized as, from their point of view. But it has little interest for me, beyond that.

Luckily for me. Neither Jewish people, nor Muslims would feel self important enough to think they can just brand me with these. Getting their media cronies to repeat them like not doing so-one time, would stem their breath.

If anyone on the grounds of anything, weight for example feels the need to disconnect from people they wish to categorize.

I suggest they give themselves-names.

And leave general terms like people, person and so forth for those who are happy to wave them bye-bye.

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