Wednesday, 29 April 2015

6 Types Of Human Being

Following on from the blatant lie that fatness or being fat is "disease," this delusion keeps getting stupider.

And yeah, you are supposed to be overlooking this.

A posit has been tentatively advanced-that there are six types of 'obesity' i.e. people. That's one in the eye for self hating fatz pompous posturing about "not able to tell themselves from their obesity." You'll note from these media reports-that's because there can be no difference. Ob doesn't equal metabo.

Though I get the legacy of we are immaterial and the body is just a perishable shell to carry around our immortal souls etc.,

In the more secular assessment of homo sapiens 'obesity' and person/people becomes conflated. You can't separate the measure of a whole person, from that person. You can focus on the metabolic system as discrete from the whole human being, but then you'd have to stop pretending that metabolic function is regulated chiefly via conscious direction.

This conceptual flaw that should have been immediately spotted by the minds of those who decided all people above a certain size are the same person replicated, as if with a photocopier.

All they have to do is allow their minds to function properly again. Not to do so is their direct CONSCIOUS CHOICE.

The headline "Six types of obese individual" [not even sure how that one works grammatically]. "Obese individual" is supposed to counteract the de individualizing of fat people created by the 'obese' construct. Now there's six "individuals". Just end this nonsense and you won't have to bother with this tosh. 

Underscoring the stock photo of a headless fat person. "Study claims that targeted treatment will be much more effective at helping obese individuals." The first line;
Researchers have identified six ‘types’ of obese person, claiming that a tailor-made approach to each could save the NHS money.
What they're effectively saying is there are 6 types of human being;
  • young healthy females – women who were obese, but generally had fewer human obesity-related complications, such as type 2 diabetes
  • heavy-drinking males – as above, but with higher alcohol intake
  • unhappy and anxious middle-aged – predominantly women with poor mental health and wellbeing
  • affluent and healthy elderly – generally positive health, but defining characteristics of higher alcohol intake and high blood pressure
  • physically sick but happy elderly – older people with more chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, but good mental health
  • poorest health – people who were the most economically deprived and had the greatest number of chronic diseases 
Young women, dipsomaniacs and alcoholics of indeterminate age, neurotic women, rich old bon viveurs with heightened blood pressure associated with advanced years, positive old people with various ailments associated with age, poor people some of whom have chronic disease.

I mean you can't even laugh.

I wonder if this will challenge astrological signs, there are twelve of them. Suffice to say, I'm not any of these six, are you? I include slim and thin people in this because this is about humanity as a whole. They just happen to be using fat people to illustrate their point.

As for the so called "targeted treatment" referred to, this is crudely borrowed from the idea of targeted treatment for real not fake disease. The idea being that instead of treating for example cancer according to the body part it shows up in. They're going to try treating it according to the type of cancer it is.

I don't know about you but its a surprise that they don't already, in fact despite that link, I'm not too sure about that. Mind you, I thought different body part equaled different cancer too.

The obvious flaws in this sad panto mimicry is that @besity is FAKE as disease and bankrupt as construct. The fundamental intellectual snag is no matter the marketing type or whatever categorization you prefer, the target is always the same-HUNGER.

No matter how you try to dress that up, its still the same rotting carcass.

Weight loss diet wallahs always think messing about with appetite will rescue calorie restriction. Its high protein, no paleo, no low-fat, no vegetarian, no vegan, no Mediterranean's that's best diet for "weight loss."

They keep failing to grasp the problems lie with restricting calories not with the way you mis-direct attention, bamboozle, create a kerfuffle whilst doing so. Nor does it matter what you call calorie restriction-the way the body reacts to it is where the problems lay, not with the side issues.

Repeat after me; if you wish to reverse weight, study and work out the body's own genesis and maintenance of its body mass. Then you can learn where you can manipulate or tweak this in order to change what is the outcome of function, not personality type or societal status.

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