Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rape Culture

Now this is interesting. I do not find the OP remotely convincing-in context [scroll down comments] or out. Why? How long have you got? I'm not really in the mood to play gumshoe, the whole thing has a rather unpleasant air.

There's something in the tone and style, the way the 'husband' is described especially sounds like a he wrote it, to expound on his own feelings. "She" isn't really there. The one time "she" mentions any feeling of her own is: " I just cant help but feel like I am the one who should change?"

All this rapiness would be over, if you would just change [change back from the change you changed from] and stick to the rule book. We can't do anything about the misogynist patriarchy, but we can do something about @besity.

Unless this is from c.1860, few contemporary women would speak this way about anything, not their husband-no matter how wonderful. And the explosion is out of place too;
I exploded at him, and he promised he will try to start having sex with me again.  He is getting a prescription filled to ensure arousal and we are setting up some counseling sessions.
You "exploded" with your complete absence of feelings did you? "....he promised he will try to start having sex with me again." ? "ensure arousal." Ugh, no. Why would a person wish to force intimacy with someone who doesn't wish to be intimate with them? What possible joy could it give you to know someone doesn't feel that way about you?

It makes me feel queasy just thinking about the idea of it. Frankly, if this woman was real, she'd sack anyone's desire.

It ends more oddly with;
I should go dust off my book of rules, or I should find someone else who doesnt consider making love to me, a chore.
The "husband" doesn't find "making love" a chore, he doesn't consider it at all!  Stick to your theme son! Or should I say sons, sounds like more than one little mind +  help-went into this.

There's a persistent urge among a certain kind of internet dwelling (male) fat phobe to try infiltrate-they love ze cloak and dagger- any space inhabited mainly by fat women. In their minds this espionage is personally fulfilling and attacks a great threat. It supposedly attacks the credibility of FA which should demoralize those attached to it.

It's one of the reasons why it can feel unfriendly to those new to it. People can be wary.

I was thinking this morning about how sockpuppety/astroturfy many discussions of 'obesity' tend to be. Seriously, there's too often a real scent of contrivance about the same old tedious non-discussions and ritualistic ranting. Other times there's just as much hate as ever but there's a reality and life there and real things get said by real people.

Whenever there are some remotely interesting findings...... tumbleweed. No comments. There's little real interest in 'obesity', there's little to keep the attentions-it's an intellectual cul-de-sac, over bar the shouting.

@besity has always called itself a "Cinderella" subject because of its obsolescence and bankrupt constructs. What gets people excited is someone in the position of Aunt Sally, plus the fact that many people restrict/ feel they should be restricting their intake. This creates a psychological or real hangry rage that can be re-directed into attacking others. Until calorie restriction was generalized as a weight and health regulator for all, 'obesity' didn't pick up steam.

Suffice to say, I do not think anyone should be coerced into sexual relations, end of story. No one should be taking drugs to replace a desire they don't feel not for anybody. In real case of loss of desire, for someone you adore. Time can make the difference, if you love someone that much it maybe a question of a period of adjustment.

But that must be in an atmosphere of accepting the person's feelings, or lack of.

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