Tuesday, 31 March 2015

There's no alternative to what you're told there's no alternative to, except there is....

Well, well, well. There I am perusing the Establishment by Owen Jones, it's about the power elite that run Britain. Barely do I get into the foreword and he writes this;
The modern Establishment relies on a mantra of 'There is No Alternative': potential opposition is guarded against by enforcing disbelief in the idea that there is any other viable way of running society.
This reminds me of there is no alternative way of reversing weight but the one that doesn't really work, and is a brutal, time-sucking, disordering, self abusive, waste of energy, literally. Though we're focused "weight loss," it so often ends in gaining that back, plus. So you are fat and remain so, whilst being told you're doing otherwise.
The illusion of viable escape is another facet of this kind of class hustle. What really makes this trap is weight loss and dieting as one and the same. That there's only one way to regulate weight, as this one doesn't work, it's assumed there's no way. Why wouldn't there be?

Do you know how many ways there are to regulate fertility? Any system of any complexity has numerous avenues for changing outcomes.

How many ways are there to deal with mental health? Drugs-how many drugs? Talking therapies-how many of them! Gestalt, primal scream, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, cbt, aversion, that's just off the top of my head.  Not only different kinds of things, many varieties and they're still looking. Who ever heard of one way, that doesn't even work is all there is and all there must be due to erm "morals"?

Doesn't the contraceptive pill work? The 99.9% effective pill? Why wasn't that the be all and end all of contraception then? Even if dieting did work, so what? Why would that stop anyone looking for something else if there's so much to be gained?

Acceptance is noble, it is and can be a positive choice and a liberation, but we are being blocked into it. Why? What is the point of insisting on this route? And it doesn't help those who need help, progress has to be made for them alone. Why don't they come first? If they did as they usually would, this whole crusade would be seen as untenable.

Why is this trap tied to social engineering, micromanaging people's lives?

A better grasp of metabolic function hold far more promise than weight. Better control of  things like mental health along with obvious metabolic problems that can be hard to manage, diabetes, pcos....

Metabolic function is too fundamental to us to be left unknown.The brain is being mapped, the bacteria in the gut is being mapped. What's so special about metabolic function? It isn't as discrete, it's multi-system, but, isn't that interesting to ptb? If not, why not?

There is no alternative, especially if we're not looking for one. Why not though?

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