Thursday, 5 March 2015

Toytown Eugenicists

There's a certain odd kind of privilege-I mean the general not the political kind- to this 'obesity' crusade. To see the thoughts people normally keep in check dribbling out like a previously repressed oil slick. Few rules, few courtesies ensure 'obesity' is the point where that pressure lessens so much that what tends to be unspoken elsewhere bursts forth.

 Sadly all this "free speech" isn't leading to the intellectual advance we're usually promised. .

In this case, it hasn't become stimulating. It hasn't stirred everyone up out of their entrenched complacency -its all just dumped on fat people, like so much garbage. Instead of the unmentionable coming to the fore to be aired, discussed and perhaps some useful resolution emerging. It lands in the usual fat phobic cul-de-sac to fester and produce mal-air.

You've probably twigged that one of the central triumphs of western medicine is that it stops "natural selection"-which isn't quite a simple as is conveyed- from having quite such a clear run. At the same time natural selection doesn't simply or only kill off what's deemed unhealth/ imperfection, as much because that's often the other side of what's deemed perfection/healthy.

The extent that it does fly in the face of NS was supposed to be an admirable aspect of its civility and progressiveness- some think we've maxed out that courtesy.

Dr. David Archer an academic exclaims;
When a mother is inactive and obese, their baby grows massive. The baby can’t get through the birth canal, and the doctor has to perform a C-section. ‘That allows both the mother and foetus to survive, when previously they would have died.’
I'll bet he teaches a class and a half. Prematurity is more likely in lower weight women and in the now recommended low weight gain. Plus premature/low weight babies are said to be more likely to become 'obese' in adulthood.

Archer expands [geddit?]
‘The evolutionary consequence is we are getting much bigger children than ever in the history of mankind.’
I'm not an expert on evolution, but I thought it was supposed to happen over millions of years;
Professor David Haslam, a former GP specialising in obesity, said: “We have an epidemic now where we have mums who are fat having fat babies. In this way we are devolving as a population instead of evolving and that’s very dangerous.”
Fat women are devolving man actually woman kind? Wait till the 'pro-lifers' and the mra's get a hold of that one. It's one thing to hit the sherry, but when the sherry hits you back, cork it. I have this one as my favourite though;
Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said: “It’s a vicious circle because the fat mother is going to produce a fat child who is going to grow up into a fat adult who is going to produce their own fat child. It just goes round and round and round.”
Zomg, fat, fatty, fatso, fatastical, fatasmogoric, fattality, fattalistical fatness. It's almost as if there's........ some kind of......... connection. A tie between people of the same kin.... It's as if parents are passing something on to their children..... Not genes silly bad habits.

I can laugh at people under the influence as much as the next woman, but when folk start having intellectual breakdowns, busting out the toytown eugenics. Someone needs to stage an intervention-if some of you guys do not get a hold of yourselves-this isn't going to end well.

Time for a history lesson

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