Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Magic Fat

I am not currently ill. But I cannot say, I'm healthy-to mean I am not unwell, despite it being fact, because 'obesity' construct.  I am classed as disease, not diseased dis-ease. Diseased is when you a human or other being are affected/infected with disease, the idea of you is distinct and separate from the disease. People cannot be separated from themselves. Check out this story about extending the plain packaging from cigarettes to food:"Big Mac's make big children."

The distinction is unprecedented. No one else is classed as disease because no one else is subject to such uninterrupted stupidity-which I consider to be a hidden but prominent object of repression.s

Enforced stupidity.

For the sake of their integrity, I'd advise all fat people to consider developing the more arch slightly removed aspect of their personality. Such a notion should have been stopped before it could get off the ground. By any proposer's inner critic or by someone around them saying WTH?

Some are trying to do a "people first," that is, people with 'obesity', which is like "people with thin or slim." 

Being so bestowed, I cannot assert the objective truth. I am not ill. I also cannot assert that I am actually ill, in the fullest sense.

The unprecedented truth is that if you're dis-ease, you cannot become diseased. A disease cannot have a disease. You can only have a related outgrowth of the dis-ease of you.

I'm sure you've heard electronic scooter users-who are fat, are deemed not disabled, but sitting down. These cognitive errors are a product of cognitive errors (delusions) in definition, in construction of terms. And of refusal to stop before a term or even metaphor has utterly exhausted  itself.

Fat/ness fat people has/have become magic! Sort of uberuntermenchenfrauen-the demand is that we must play both-'cos this is about role play after all.  Weak  and sickly but somehow neither and both. Invincible and dead person walking, corrupt but pure and untouched by genetic lottery, hazard, eccentric function, accident or life itself.

Innocent, yet blah, blah, blah you get the picture, maaaaagic.

[It's only a matter of time before people touch a fatty for luck. I'll bet they already are. ]

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