Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Did you know they're branding  babies 'obese'? I didn't. It's been happening for years, the numbers classed as such are even being monitored by the government. In the past larger babies were called- macrosomic-"big bodied." More recently, its been decided that above 9lbs 15oz or 4500g are to be dubbed "medically obese" as if putting a meaningless "medically" in front of that will somehow legitimize the continued indulgence of pathologization and weight tribalism to babies;
"Despite these so-called risk factors for macrosomia, much of the variation in birth weights remains unexplained. Most infants who weigh more than 4,500 grams [9 pounds, 15 ounces] have no identifiable risk factors," says Allahyar Jazayeri, M.D., medical director of Perinatal Services and High Risk Pregnancy at Bellin Health Hospital Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 
Those above 8lbs 13oz [3997grams] are also being dubbed "overweight."

And yeah, this is in utero too. Babies are monitored for size as ever, but now they'll be able to be pathologized before they even exit the womb. What comes next? Low calorie/high protein baby milk? A breast feeding diet/regime in order to water down the milk produced, make it low fat? What about baby aerobics? Though infants have been shown to use up an outstanding amount of energy pound for pound/gram for gram-perhaps they can develop equipment to help them go for the burn. Leave them in cold rooms to encourage their brown fat?

Or how's about putting drugs into their milk? And if they're "morbidly obese"-if that hasn't arrived, I'm sure that's coming-they can have their little stomach's removed. Babies sicking up milk will no longer be a hazard of wind. It will be desired part of the "tool" that is gastrectomy as starvation aide.

Goodness knows, babies need those who hold and surround them to be transmitting the un-ease and disgust of 'obesity' to them. That's called m-o-t-i-v-a-t-i-o-n right?

What a triumph of "public health" that promises.

Another notable tack, picked up in the comments is how this is set to add more layers of panic to the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Not only do mothers have to worry about their weight, their weight gain during pregnancy, now they must worry about their babies weight being seen as too high. Another area of variance is now to be caricatured and descend into the ever hungry orgy of blame.When will that ever suffice?

You'd think advancing on self control that those indulging in this could control themselves in just one area. That they could leave the children out of it but no, they have lost any real control over their damn selves. They wish to pit their foul malodourous assaults against babes.That's such a fair fight for these quisling cowards.

Public health politicos as usual don't seem to be considering the cumulative impact of this endless pile up of anxiety around pregnancy. They take responsibility for nothing, feeling only the liberation of all power and little consequence. Any part this pressure plays in increasing the risk of birth trauma, will no doubt be blamed on 'obesity.' Something has to create what they've talked up. 

Thinking of any thing like the levels of anxiety many of us have experience about being fat, having to find ways to get your body to accept starvation.....thinking about that being introduced into pregnancy makes my blood run cold.

The press are quick to find out how many, but don't bother to scrutinize "obesity science." How much money has been pissed away put into that, to so little use? No go on tell me DM or Sunday Mirror how much has the UK government spent on "obesity research" in the last 4 or even 2 decades? Ever fancy putting in a request for that? Why do the press have no interest in its utter uselessness, irrelevance and rank absence of vocation?

Why don't they challenge their hysterical pronouncements with even the most primitive of reasoning?

And how about mentioning the children (and adults) with hypothalamic obesity and how they need actual answers, rather than agit-prop? And that due to the absence of a progressive objective scientific approach, they have to rely on the same punishment as those they're able to set up as "at fault"? Or do they not count either? Does science or medicine not matter to you blasted hacks?

Hopefully, the sensitivity of fat haters to what attacks even them, will increase people's resistance, defiance and decrease the respect they accord those who show such a reckless disregard for the health of those who depend on us for everything-babies.

It only seems like yesterday when people were people, children were children and babies were babies.

Now, 'obese' is inserted in front of that at every possible opportunity. This has become so divisive that people find it harder and harder to recognize the same characteristics fat and slim people share. At first this was fake, this was pretense. With time, fake it till you make it is now making it. The constancy of pathology of fatness distorts everything from ordinariness to eccentricity, health to pathology turning all into accusation.

Presumably that's why babies cannot be left out of this crap. There must be no chance for the jarring of contrast. It could wake people up to the madness of all this. 

There's no way this is about health. This has become a drive to use biology to divide people into groups, turning weight into an identity-setting people against each other rather than looking at the hand that's working the strings. It's divide and rule. And the free press seeks to collaborate with this like an adjunct.

Branding babes in the womb is a way distorting owning them mentally from the get go. Before they can even begin to defend themselves, they're smothered in inferiority and self loathing, so they know no other way and cannot change their mindset-or "depression" as it's condescendingly cast. It's not "depression" if you're aware of a messed up situation that stays messed up you dimwits.

Depression is a nervous system imbalance/dysfunction, not the realization that people are gunning for your physical and mental health from all sides, for no good reason. Well done self serving public health warriors.

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