Thursday, 19 March 2015

It takes a hell of a lot of effort to be an 'obese'

Celebrity response to fat phobia are something I've never been invested in. Overwhelmingly, no matter how honest and positive they can be at any one moment about being human whilst fat. They'll likely be examples of them being otherwise.

Millican once make one of those execrable paedo [fat] phobe remarks about a fat boy's chest being more greatly endowed than hers. Word to the wise, never again.

I don't feel 'betrayed' by weight reversals, along with the societal pressure on everyone, the business they're in but more importantly the fact that they tend to become wealthier if not outright rich makes that pretty much an inevitability at some point-to whatever degree/time frame or other.
Mindy Kaling on wasting energy merely to remain 'normal'/chubby  

Overall, Kaling has a pretty much mainstream attitude to weight. The specific point she's making seems to me to be refutating the default brainwart that if you are anything above thin-you don't engage in calories in/out style wasting. Though the context it was said in was fat =bad. Ragen felt it was a good fatty thing [I'll get onto that later].

As some of us can see, such is the bankrupt dysfunctional inefficiency of wasting energy to supposedly regulate/ lose weight-or "weight-management" cannot reliably be expected to consistently/ permanently reverse anyone's weight, no matter their starting point. It's not an 'obese' thing as is being sold by 'obesity' quacksters and restriction diet shills. 

Common or garden "working out" and having a healthy or restrictive diet leaves most people above thin remaining pretty much where they are, give or take and those who are thin do not have to take breaks because they're dematerializing.

In fact, many of them start to gain bulk from the former, for the first time. Part of the so called "French secret" and why you don't see as many of the size that is being sized-out for being small as you did pre 'fitness culture.'

I've always wished women would come out of the closet and own up to how much cals in/out they actually practise. Regardless of weight. It might make it make more sense for fat people to say what they do also. And what some don't. Because fat people are not a monolith.

Oh!Bese etc., is convenient fiction.

Some fat people do as much as slimmer people who say they "do nothing" or do lots-the latter possibly cut down on activity elsewhere too-who knows? Polarity of slim/fat is false. Fat people vary as does everyone. The more people speak honestly, being widely varied in habits and approved effort, at the same or similar weights the better.

If that's "confusing" tough.

Fat people haven't just dieted in ways that could make honest people weep. We've also expended and suppressed a tremendous amount of energy play dehumanizing dis-ease-which of course you have to blunt yourself with insult to achieve said effect. There's having to suppress your most basic critical faculties and ultimately intelligence-to repeat the same folly over and over, expecting some other outcome as well as "fitness" and dietary restriction.

It takes most effort of all to be an 'obese' its draining and unrewarding for the effort expended. Which is of course roundly denied by all and sundry.

Often led by the fat person most of all.

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