Sunday, 15 March 2015

There's NOTHING Remotely "depressing" about the failure of calorie restriction dieting

The depressing fact, said Ochner in an interview, is that "the average adult with sustained obesity has less than a 1% chance of reattaining and maintaining a healthy body weight without surgery." These discouraging facts about the body's response to weight loss are well known to obesity researchers: Drug developers wrestle with the fact that even when their treatments induce weight loss by one means, other mechanisms spring up to limit or reverse that weight loss.
That should really be the body's response to weight loss dieting. Weight loss is outcome, WLD is the method that's supposed to bring it about.

And no there is nothing remotely, microscopically depressing in any way shape or form about the failure of weight loss dieting.

The body's triumphant refusal to yield to the stupid yearnings and desires of self abuse is inspiring. It's wonderful that an ugly degenerate pathological abusive code has failed. We are often told we're unlucky, dieting is "hard".....Bollocks. It's dysfunction.

Hard as in challenging is mastering a new language in adulthood. Getting slapped around in a relationship-that's dysfunctional not challenging or character building. Dieting isn't, on the contrary, its character dismantling.

How many people do you know who've gone from having no interesting in weight loss dieting to being all about that, whose character's improved? I don't know any. Not only that, some of the most decent lovely people I've ever meet reveal an ugliness of character that's demoralizing in a way that it isn't from shallow, hollow, follow-fashion types.

Haters are fond of saying we're "unlucky," actually its they who are. They thought they had it made. They thought their cowardy custard souls could step off their pompous self importance plunge head first into revealing themselves as thieving, scumbag, bigots and still get to pretend to be good because their emotional thuggery was all for "weight loss."

Nope shitheads, turns out nasty produces more nasty so you can piss off your soapbox and take your vile hateful credo with you.

The body's our remarkable gift. We get it for free dammit. Homeostasis defeats the crude, stupid and brutish attempt to disrupt its functioning via starvation, which some simply cannot grasp is disgusting and abusive. That is why it has been used as a weapon of genocide and war against millions.

"The Auschwitz diet" is only a "weight loss" in crass hateful heads arbeit doesn't macht slim.

Getting in sync with and using the body's amazing capacities will enable us to move forward to a new era of adjusting our own function, without drugs and/or torture equipment.

That should shut down some asinine whinnying of medical professions who feel fat bodies are infra dig.

When we get the means of reversing weight right and we will, if quack ridden "researchers" don't step up, some of us will use what means we can to help the truth along-homeostasis will regulate change as a matter of its usual course. That's why its so strong. It needs to see off all comers-unless there's something very wrong.

The fact that CRD can't regulate itself is proof in itself that its the wrong method, for everyone. Even slim people who want to be slim could do better. When we have the right method, that'll produce less, if any disorder. It will have a whole different effect.

So the answer is get on the right side of what is designed to do things properly. Stop fighting the body you're outgunned on this score.

Allow it to do what it is designed to do, what it does best, what no human has matched. Luckily, we don't have to. We just have to be a bit sneaky and use what's there

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