Saturday, 14 March 2015

Nutritional Vanity-Buster

Oh, it turns out that people of low socio-economic status (LSES) know as much or as little about nutrition as middle/upper class folk and eat just as well too, if not better?

I've been saying this forever, but, of course when it comes to dieeet, people won't be told. It's not what is true, it's what's supposed to be true that rules. And middle/upper class folk should know more in general than the degenerates unfortunates who aren't economically secure. Otherwise, why else are they more favoured?

It must be virtue.

The self declared know-it-alls put fast food in all they run, from localities to schools and hospitals within them- if they knew so much, why did they do that? Long after the crusade was in full force? If as they've asserted continually 'obesity' costs so much in health? Clearly not enough.

Diet or should I say appetite is no more about studying nutrition than weight is decided by counting calories. Apart from basic nutrition, which could be covered by teaching people to cook a variety of produce, we just need to know how to put things together well. Enthusiasm, imagination, I was going to say love, but food + emotion is verboten.

Let's just say, we need to learn balance. In fact, at a certain point-when nutrition takes the path of healthism, it can get in the way.

"Nutritional knowledge" [doesn't that convey such pretension?] is yet another self-denuding place holder, to [haute]bourgiesplain why their class/es are healthier, slimmer (if they are) better than others. Men are still more uniform in body size across most class race etc.,

The answer is that the easier, more fulfilling your life is, the more your needs have been met, the safer more secure your environment has been-the less likely your various energies are to have been or be repeatedly taxed beyond your available resources.

That's too much of a vanity buster. 

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