Saturday, 21 March 2015

Blinds Up

I like my window allusions, so.....continuing with that theme-or not...just a word on why fat phobes/those with inured with the conventional take on weight are so messed up in the head with it.

The first critic is your inner one. If I say; "The UK Prime Minister is an expert on metabolic function." I know before I've got to the end of that sentence, whilst composing it in my head, that this doesn't appear to be so.

I have other knowledge, understanding, information, already that my minds checks through to make sense of what I'm thinking. Like when you sound out your friends for their response.

Your mind attempts to run info coming it and going out, via the relevant facts it already knows. So quick and brilliant is the-organ-that-seems-to-be-you, that often before you've finished thinking a thought, it's already worked out how much sense it's made.

The amazing thing is not the extent of our cognitive errors, but how few of them there are compared with how many there could be.

Anyway, the conscious mind is like the blinds covering a window, to your greater mind. Blinds adjust to let the light in i.e. being receptive to incoming information, open minded. Or they can keep it out and you become unreceptive to info, closed minded. When the blinds are down obviously.

Then you can just have the blinds right up, in order to let something in that wouldn't otherwise pass muster in your conscious mind. You suspend the sense that would activate your bullshit detector. The other knowledge you have in your mind would stop it.

In order to accept the mindrot that is the 'obesity' construct and its attendant bullshit, one has to have the blinds up. That is why those who accept it  can make little sense. i.e. let's pretend bodies are disease and the workings of those bodies are disease in action.

But, though its disease its also a choice, but a bit genetic, but mostly passed on through "bad habits," it can be totally prevented but not cured and no cure/resolution is possible, we aren't looking for or advocating for one either, our failed strategy's failure is depressing, but we'll keep it anyway, it's treatment, but you have to do all the work and it does nothing, so isn't treatment...............

When all that's required is-let's find out how the system/s concerned work. Then let's find out how to manipulate it to change its outcome/s to what we demand.

That's the least you can do, if you insist.

From there we can see how those manipulations affects problems with that system and have an idea on further potential for solving them completely or partially. And so on. You'd think they'd want to help those they haven't cast as villains.

Only with the blinds up, could you be trying desperately to 'prove' what you don't believe in order to claim that leads to everyone submitting to a failed modus operandi.

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