Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Unbearable Emptiness of Weight Loss Diet Shills and @besity Wallahs

"Tobacco can show us the way to tackle our obesity disaster", so says Susan Jebb in "the newspaper of the year." Now I get why some don't bother with the press. They're both hosting a groundbreaking or path fracking lecture on it. Whoo hoo.

Hope springs eternal and you think; "I know diet shills have lost control of themselves and there's no one around to properly restrain them. But surely there's a level beneath which they will not stoop?" Then they just go ahead and do it again!

Yes Jebb claims deciding to no longer put lit tubers of tobacco in your gob, inhale and breathe out the smoke has some connection with engaging in a titanic battle to stop responding to your innate hunger and appetite properly- declining to eat what you wish, at the same time as engaging in the selective gluttony of making yourself eat things you may not wish in quantities you'd prefer not to anyway.

Plus, wasting time on activity you'd rather not engage in, denying yourself that time to do things you want to;
We encourage smokers to quit smoking whilst recognizing that some people may need to try several times before they succeed, yet hold back from encouraging people who are overweight to diet. 
So that's not inhaling /exhaling smoke, versus, repressing your real hunger, in favour of faking hunger you don't have and wasting the time you doing things you don't wish to whilst not doing the things you would like to do, with the people you'd like to do them with;
We're constrained by an outdated pessimism about the effectiveness of obesity treatments.
Research shows...many different kinds of interventions do help people lose weight.....from bariatric surgery right through to behavioural weight management services or even self help programs. 
Self help eh? You mean what most of us spent the decades of slimming madness engaged in? The efforts folks like you deny? And seriously, stop with this different kinds. Whatever you're doing it is to bring about the same end. If perfect mental health =slimness, you won't need the restriction.

Oh and prove it first in a mass long term trial, just for once.

Not doing one direct action is the same as doing multiple indirect actions, none of which is directly the thing she is complaining about;
 "The public are confused." "We may think we are rational people, but more of our behaviour in relation to food is an automatic response.
You don't say? It's as if no-one told this "nutritional scientist" that this is the way eating-the response to hunger- works. You get hungry enough, you eat. You require energy, you get hungry, you eat. Not just for people, but for other animals and many other lifeforms in some way or another.

Not smoking is natural, suppressing hunger is unnatural and causes distress, discomfort and at times disorder in response. If hunger is excessive that needs to be righted. If normal hunger is supposed to be suppressed, that is a pathology, which  also requires a functioning method. Imposing restriction isn't anything, it just puts the cart before the horse.

Trying repeatedly is how many picked up ED's that weren't as close to the surface as they should have been for the trouble they caused.

All this is no longer enough, keep up. Being "behaviourally" coached like one of Pavlov's dog-by people who clearly don't know how to behave-and having your thoughts rejigged by people who cannot tell the difference between thought and responding to biological signalling.

How does anyone really need to ask why no society can make this work long-term? Those who've come closest have a different sense of individual rights-shall we say- and merely engaged neuroses that derailed those efforts in relatively short time. It's so obviously not the right approach.

Ultimately, this message is about the conflation of two things. Reversing/advancing body mass and a desire to make people eat the way you think is right-rather like many vegetarians, carnivores insist everyone else eat as they.

Jebb thinks its okay to "nudge" and "nanny" people, telling them how to live their lives, because someone died and made her god/she has an emptiness inside she's trying to fill. It's the only pleasure she has left, now that she's squeezed it out of her own life.

Unsurprisingly, she can hardly sell this bill of crap on its own [lack of] merit, she requires the strong arm of the same stress, abuse, bullying and social exclusion that's already failed.

Failed to stop the very things she claims need to be done to reverse the "disaster" made during the 'obesity crusade' she represents. In fact they advanced on the back of "weight is an individual matter." If one were cynical, one might say she and her ilk permitted this, so they could gain a better grasp of people's lives. After all, they know all about nutrition.

@besity wallahs mention QALY's whenever you point to life expectancy. Life isn't just about quantity, it's about quality. Though the prospect of even more harassment, nagging, bullying and abuse has undoubtedly been "motivating" having to live by the dictates of others also reduces quality of life too. 

Running around suppressing hunger in order to lose and keep weight off, assuming you can even manage that, is draining to the nervous system. The grind wears out something in you, if you even can get to that point (which is why many can't). It's like spending years chasing illicit drugs and the money to buy them.

People can fake "endorphin rush" exercise-gasm all they like, when you look into the eyes of the rage, hatred and full bodied desire for the suffering and death of fat people, it speaks otherwise.

Decades of rigid investment in calories in/out as the one and only way to alter weight has done something to these people's minds. They're so mentally and emotionally dependent on this, that they'd rather harass, bully, tax and impoverish others- change whole societies- to fit align with it, rather than move on to something better suited to their [purported] aims.


She ends her unconvincing agit-prop by stating "A serious look at the preventative and treatment of 'obesity' and diet-related diseases is long overdue." Yeah, that's called science into something you've never mention.

Starting by focusing on what that's really referring to; metabolic function. Finding out how to tweak that and you can leave people to eat/not eat and do/not do whatever the heck they want-as long as its legal and doesn't hurt anyone (else).  Jebb and cohorts really need to find something else to fill the vacuum left by the way they're living.

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