Sunday, 22 March 2015

Useful Humiliation

During one of the recent tawdry non-discussions about 'obesity' from the anorexia worshiping classes, humiliation was proclaimed a time honoured technique to control unwanted elements and that it actually works.

And indeed it does. It clearly worked to suppress gayness. Which illustrates the point, the ends don't justify the means.

It's an often heard cry from fat activists that bullying and stigma don't work. This is of course untrue, they did. It's what people were being bullied into sticking with that didn't. Fat people willingly participated in dieting. Like everyone else we thought it would work.

Fat people started off dieting with crusaders zeal. We had no reason to doubt. Whether we were put on diets as children, many of us, or chose to in childhood like myself to, as often our first masterplan of continued self will.

Though they don't necessarily state it clearly, religious fundamentalists are aware that being gay is a pronounced, unconsciously directed orientation. They didn't care either about the damage repressing people into self repression and staying their does.

They too wish/ed to punish gay people for being gay.

Punishment is a powerful urge, when it is allowed to lead it will overturn into compulsion. It will become the end.  Ditto humiliation.

Yes, it's probably the case that humiliation can reset a person's ability to stick with starving themselves for longer, or any other action they're body is fighting. But dieting is inherently undesirable and goes nowhere.

If everyone's so desperate to reduce anyone's eating, whether normal or not, then humiliation should be scientifically tested. The right kind should be clearly identified and the ability to provoke it should be exact, repeated over and over, to get the same results in experiments.

Of course humiliation is unlikely to stand up to such disciplined inquiry, assuming it was ethically permitted. But if even if it did, you know what? I'd still say shelve it. 

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