Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Thank You "Morbidly Obese"

Though you are stupidly dubbed "morbid," you are life-enhancing characters. Size 14 which is really a size 16 of more recent times, would have been seen as fat. 

Now undercover 16 has become an acceptable size.


Because fatter people that's why.

I was going to say what morbid obesity is, but it's kind of an on-the-fly type deal. One day its at this point, the other day its at the other. It's not as if its scientific or anything.

Thanks to this concept, those who are actually quite well-covered can go on pretending to a slimness they've probably lost or never possessed in the first place. Those who are chubby or mildly fat, look at fatter folks and can feel societally acceptable, thanks to "morbid obesity." I wonder if that was always part of the rationale behind the term?

Such foresight.

It is astonishing that those within clear sight of slim even thinness don't want to set an example. That must be pure choice. Because dieting though it doesn't work would be so easy and painless for the none-too-slim/plump/mildly fat. It's easy to keep on doing it everyday for the rest of your life. Especially when you're that close.

It's probably easier to be slim than plump. They can at least try, because trying and failing looks different than not trying at all.

Think about it.

Despite this "morbidly obese" favour, barely slim/chubby/fattish ingrates actually seem to be trying to direct vilification at you, taking itoff themselves. How low is that? How shabby to sell out others just to take the heat off yourself. 

Some people will do anything to avoid the threat of negative scrutiny which is odd, given they tend to keep saying-its no big deal and isn't negative enough anyway, when they put it on others.

They must be mistaken about that if they're prepared to look this bad throwing people under the bus to avoid it.

A pity they don't feel any sense of solidarity for others and their feelings.

One has to wonder if that kind of shabby no-account venality is the key to having a BMI under whatever "morbid obesity" is this week. Could be, all avenues must be considered.

And anyway, proposing that much vilification ought to be directed at fatter people is not efficient. Logic would dictate that vilification should be directed at those nearest to weight acceptability, because they could so easily become truly stand-alone acceptable.

Let the tearing apart of them begin.

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