Thursday, 2 April 2015

Lack of Vitamin D is more associated with Diabetes than being Fat

This is intriguing. Apparently those measured with low levels of Vitamin D are at greater risk of developing diabetes, regardless of their weight. It has the novelty of being an even greater risk for diabetes than those flung around 'obesity'.

The body uses exposure to sunlight-on the skin-to make vitamin D.

It reminds me of a guy who's done pretty well for himself. He grew up with sister's who made him stay in and do his homework, when he just wanted to go out and hang out in the streets with his friends. Some of them didn't do so well.

He went on to gain a degree and has a career in public doing things he likes.

He's also a fat diabetic, though he could by this token just as easily be a slim diabetic. The dilemmas of health and the sacrifices demanded to aspire to higher and to get there. As with life in general, we will all have to make some sacrifice to our health, to ourselves at some point, to get what we want.

Indeed, to prioritize health above all else would look very strange if not immoral. Who's to say, a feckless abandonner of a family is not preserving their mental or financial health? Who's not to say the incompetent have said on some level, this far and no farter? They don't always say the good die young for nothing.

In all this boneheaded @besity malarkey, we rarely touch on this. Because its comforting to have do this and go with health, do this and go against health.

Should this man's sister's have left him alone to hang out and maybe not so qualified, but perhaps more acceptable in weight and maybe not even diabetic [until perhaps later anyway]? What's the priority then?

I know a similar family where there seemed to be some tendency toward type 2. Some in the family had it. They too were a Black family whose parents had done menial jobs and worked very hard. The children turned out to be; social workers, teachers, lawyers and so forth. Success stories.

One of the undercover impulses driving the 'obesity' cult is blocking of aspiration. You see it in the way they attack celebrities who are fat and successful. The life-sucking calorie restriction dieting plus the ego desiccating 'obesity' branding promises to take the edge of what can be needed to fulfill potential. Though all the presentation is otherwise. What's needed to come up from outside, from underneath is belief and stamina. That comes from practice and application. Not running around half starved.

The old pulling up the ladder. Maybe that's part of the extent to which people succumbed so readily to the 1%. If they'd spent more time paying attention to what those above them in class were up to and less to keeping out others below them socially.....

I'm also not sure about the old arrow of causality, does susceptibility toward diabetes mean your body is less able to make Vit D? Or is it that less of it does something that undermines metabolic function? What I do know though is that what is deemed healthy for one area of your body contradicts healthy in others and that's rarely mentioned in the kindergarten level-simplistic calories in/out healthism.

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