Thursday, 28 January 2010

Channelling man

Fillyjonk was talking about a subject close to FA hearts, mansplaining. What she didn't mention is the mansplaining of female sockpuppets who come to life through channelling the master. Once man has 'splained, everything must order itself around that, even if that's around something that's flat out wrong.

This includes many feminists who through the aegeis of 'science' are -they think- able to fulfil the surrendered wife part of their psyche that few of us can seem to fully shake off. Whether it's some kind of a belief in the expression of power, or just an operational sado/masochistic mode I don't know.

It's clear we cannot find a way to lose a predictable amount of weight and that doesn't matter worth a damn. Sciencemenz aren't on board with recognizing it. And we who have the nerve to state plainly from our own experience are "arrogant". Science, reality, stuff like that, must pass through men to have any validity. Without their confirmation, approval recognition, acknowledgement? Fah-gettit.

Puppetsplainers notice nothing without that.

We have to continually prove, what is evident to all. Yet we don't say this. We toddle off to find 'proof', from those who are mainly building a case for their imagined biological philosophy. We have to take delusion seriously, because it's ballasted by manly fibre. And that's worth more than anything reflected through the biology of women.

Feminists 'think' fat phobia is objectionable because of our hurt fee-fee's. That's not the same old sexist trope though........ because.....erm, well d'uh, it is.

If women have a problem it's our e-meaushuns! Not say an intellectual disagreement or difference. They don't realise it's not about the veneration of the anorexic gamine as the feminist body ideal, versus chubtastic. It's that men are blatantly telling us all that we are somehow not quite sentient in the way they are or capable of knowing what goes with our own bodies.

Too many feminists don't recognise that they are supposed to have an instinct, alerting them to this. Their rejection of this effortless. On principle that women are human beings. Remember that one?

Instead all we want is a pat on the head, because a little tlc and attention is the answer to women's fractiousness as always.

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