Thursday, 14 January 2010

Time to stop evading the issue(s)

OK, we're well into the new year now. What is my mission this year for this blog, apart from the obvious- do what you set out to do and don't allow yourself to get waylaid?

Well, I'm totally bored with the anti fat crusaders agenda, for the 40 thousandth time. This time I feel that I might finally accept the lesson and run with it. It's not always the learning of the lesson that's the problem, it's being able to put the conclusions into effect. That's often what keeps you repeating your mistakes.

I do not form my views in opposition to the crusaders, I differ. It's only because that is not supposed to be possible-hence crusader- that the problems come. Well so be it. I'm tired of the endless show trial-'admit you are greedy and lazy and we'll spare you, on and on until you give in, then it's a ha ah 'you are guilty? We must destroy you! Or the kangaroo court with endless cries of prove it, prove it, prove what I'm basing my argument on! I'm even sick and tired of being upset, irked or exercised about it.

E-nuff, is enough.

So back to what I really want to talk about, the experience of being fat. Like any other somewhat arbitrary groups we fit ourselves into, I want to know what I think, what I've learned from my experience. All this has things to say about what it is to be human. Just like any one else.

I also need to do a clear out of some of the posts that have been hanging around, some for quite a while, it's my writing issues. So don't be surprised if some old time stuff gets posted.

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