Saturday, 23 January 2010

Middle or centre?

Allow me to compare the scope and range of a set of ideas to football (soccer) pitch.
You have a goalkeeper in each box at either end. You go make your way to the centre circle and stop dead on the centre spot.

Here you are at the absolute centre of the field of play. You are where they put the ball to start the game. A fair start for both sides. You are between the two 'extremes' of each goal. You can turn around and see both sides.

But, if both goalkeepers are in one goal -a fat one in front of the goal mouth. The other in the netting at the back. If you get behind the one ahead and in front of the one in the netting; you are in the middle of the two goalies. But you are not at the centre of the field of play.

Imagine, half the field is obesity, weight loss dieting and the other is fat people's self awareness. 

And that if you really look, the fat goalie is actually walking forward, towards the centre. They're not at their centre yet. They haven't even got to the halfway line. We haven't got there. We've always been in this obesity, weight loss goal, on their side. Against ourselves.

I can't see the other side as well as I could if I was on a football pitch. All I know is fat people have to get away from where we've been. Like someone leaving a religion, or more likely a cult. This whole FA v others is not a meeting of two 'sides', it is those who no longer be in the only side their is. And those who wish to keep the faith. Who somehow feel they own everyone must be in their space.

To be honest, I don't really feel in opposition to these people, they've a right to believe what they wish. I feel like I know and believe different things. It's as simple as that. I don't require their degradation and humiliation in order to get to where I want to go because my beliefs don't depend on that and I will not allow them to depend on my abject surrender.

I just require them to get out of the way and stop meddling interfering and imposing on me. I wish their to be civility for all. But I feel either there will be mutual respect or there will be no respect at all. Patience is in the end, finite.

So before anyone blithely assumes they know the centre has just got to be between where the two 'sides' stand, wait until you can see the whole field.

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