Friday, 15 January 2010


Another contretemps has broken out on the sphere. I don't really want to get deeply into, from what one side of the protagonists have said, it's likely to be tedious, however, it is all too human. It's how we are.

In the fatosphere somehow, we expect and are expected to be above this. We aren't, we are no better than anyone else. Thinking we should be is really getting old. We are expected to be better than other's because we are seen as lesser than others and we have to make up for it. Whilst still knowing our place.

This is by no means unique to fatties, it's business as usual for any group deemed inferior. It is a little disappointing that we seem to put this feeling to the fore, way too much. Well, we're carrying a lot of other baggage from the past, chalk it down to that.

But we mustn't forget we are no better than we should be nor do we  need to pretend we are. Even if we don't wish to let go of our supergood behaviour, it should be remembered that lead precisely here. Other grassroots movement fall out and descend into factionalism, this is undoubtedly tiresome and wasteful and is also part of our wariness and rightly so, however, this doesn't mean the opposite will be free from this.

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