Saturday, 30 January 2010

Why does walking seem to facilitate thought?

I've been in a position to have enough time and opportunity to do a lot of walking if I want and I've noted something I'd forgotten, that when  a lot of contentious thoughts are buzzing around my head, walking seems to help smooth them out somewhat.

It removes blocks, causing enough nervous tension to fizz away, yet without bring my mind to a halt, which sometimes happens in a more static situation when I'm trying to calm my mind and let the thoughts flow.

There's sometimes a mood thing, it helps to walk off irritation and annoyance.

For some reason the other day I connected that with thing that allude to maintaining a steady stream of energy, wondering if there is a connection.

I'm thinking things like sitting in front of a screen, computer, TV. perhaps even cinema and eating. Often this kind of behaviour is implicated in fattening people up. I feel the same way as ever in the main, your body tends to match your energy to your needs. The whole bad habits of eating mentality is a lot of wishful thinking in the main, trying to shore up that which has shown itself to be a bankrupt approach.

It fascinates me though. We have this brain which is said to use up about 24% of our energy intake, which still seems amazing, if that is true, then using it should use energy.

The mystery about emotional situations or periods in our lives is the way some people can lose weight and others gain, under similar pressure. It's said to hinge on the situation stimulating their appetite or curtailing it.

What you eat though is about the operation of your metabolism, it could well be a metabolic outcome, that what happens when stress acts on your body and that may be part of the process of gain and loss rather than the cause.

But anyway, flow of energy. Is the effect of my walking the calming effect of a capacity to become over stimulated therefore having to many contrasting messages flying about, or is it the diversion of energy, because I'm using it to walk, I don't have it available to think which comes to about the same thing!

Those who sit and eat, apart from multi tasking, is it about the use of the brain causing energy to dip, if so, why aren't all students whippet like? Does this promote a compensatory mode in some, i.e. through the depletion of energy through brain use  provoking the body to store in case of emergency?

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