Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ms Sidibe, I'm charmed

I really enjoyed reading this article featuring Gabourey Sidibe she's a much needed breath of fresh air.

Her charm and grace, the fact that she comes from New York and yet sounds, to my ears like she a native of California. I've hesitated about saying it, probably I shouldn't have, but I don't want to put this mantle of totally cool (fat) person on her, when what's great about her comes out of her self acceptance. I feel that she'd be like this whatever she looked like.

It comes from the essence of her and it should do. That is what I like, her self willed poise. It makes me feel good that she's around, although I don't feel she has any duty to represent me. I think she should just represent the sorted people of the earth really.

It's the chance we all have, to love ourselves and allow the charm of that to raise the question of us all.

If Sidibe, why not you?

I'm not saying glibly, if she can you can, I'm saying we can ask ourselves once in a while, why rather than getting bogged down in the reasons we just can't like ourselves an ickle bit.

Apparently lots of people, including those in the film industry-actually that doesn't surprise me at all- think she is Precious, that it was some kind of documentary as Sidibe says, featuring Lenny Kravitz as her nurse and Mariah Carey as her social worker.

I love this bit of the interview;
But what about the hunched and truculent way Precious carries herself – so very different from the way beaming Gabourey Sidibe swept into the room an hour ago? "I channelled her anger and her daunting disposition. She walks into the room and her shoulders are hunched. She disappears into her own world. It's called acting, sweetie," she says.

OK, rearrange this; him in put she place his.

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