Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Don't be made to care

There's a stock admonishment that used to go around back in the day. When a recalcitrant kiddiewink was making an insouciant stand against adult authority culminating with a pouty;

"I don't care"

Said adult was to don their best adult drag, pull themselves up to their full height with chest puffed out and pull off this coup de théâtre:

"Don't care was made to care"
There's an echo of this when I think of the moaning of people who just want/need to discuss obesity in a calm and reasoned atmosphere and their 'despairing' suspicion that 'oversensitivity' from fattiez may not allow them to freely do so.

I'll pause whilst you ROTFLOL.

Its funny (expression not fact)those who are happy to go on about how the greed of fatties, the too much eating too much indolence, too much self indulgence of fatties is the problem. Those whose plan is to hurt fat people into action and hurt them with that action. Do not build such considerations into their scheming.

Too much causes pain, too much letting yourself go corrupts, makes things bad, above all, means you must commensurately starve and so on we are told. Yet surprise surprise, like most pompous and mindless hypocrisy, it doesn't listen or learn from itself at all.

Because that actually goes for the supreme indulgence of hating on fatties. The purpose of which is to injure, upset and shake up. It's an extreme solution, which could only begin to justify itself if it pays off, it hasn't.

The pure extremism of this solution should promote a watchful and honest attitude, above all a full consideration of consequence. Knowing that this solution has a limited time frame to pay off, before nervous burnout sets in. Because we are talking about real human people, and that means they will burnout right?

You can see this didn't occur to the boneheads one iota. Instead drooling incohate rage and loathing has been indulged until it has gone beyond the clownish and comical passing into the sinister and unnerving.

And beyond.

Yet many people somehow resent the onset of burnout and behave as if fat people are denying them their fun social duty. Now the doody has hit the fan much whining has ensued about we must be able to talk about food and eating without it being a world of pain.
People should have cared more about that before and worked this desire into the hate strategy.

I suppose this must be how excess can end up undermining what you so desire. Ahh, another lesson learned

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