Thursday, 28 October 2010

If she's fat, what does that make me?

Erhm, it makes you fat, also.

When locked in a sensitized view of yourself as being too large, too big, too much your mind slyly developing a countenance of trying to shrink yourself with sheer will alone (exhausting). It's understandable that you should ask this question. However, when you've made the decision to be done with this is on the list of things to let go of.

It's a hangover in part from being compared to things like large mammals I'm guessing-which are actually gorgeous and amazing to behold. Their grace shows that this quality can and does go with being fat, when we humans feel like we have almost forgotten that it's possible.

Asking this question is your brain's way of showing you some old baggage has lingered, it is not a description of your body on it's own terms it's merely an attempt to make you self conscious, to make you aware that your body should not be as it is.

Some people are more fat than others, some people are plump, slender or skinny, each and every one deserves and needs to be seen it it's own right, on the terms of its own design, not in comparison to some other body, whether to praise it or to blame it.

The smallness of others bodies does not exist to mock or reprimand larger ones and larger ones do not exist to intimidate or make smaller ones feel erased or inadequate. To see any body in these terms is to derail the integrity of every body and to compromise the delight of seeing each as a unique and unrepeatable example of, oh some body.

You don't own this view of your body, haters do, time to let them have it back.

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