Saturday, 16 October 2010

FA is not important

One cannot dismiss this statement. When you compare it to things that are more important than fat acceptance, yeah, fat acceptance is less important. Thing is, I really don't give a damn either way, I don't feel embarrassed, or sheepish or the slightest bit apologetic about this at all. I can say its important enough to receive attention, but I don't care to assert it because even if it barely was, if I felt like getting involved in it, I would.

I don't need to hype it, its not like the challenge of being black and 'running out of reality', because there seems to be this nothingness where the full realisation of you should be, not being sure whether that is looking outward too much, seeing yourself through the eyes of those who cannot see you fully or overlooking what you actually are because that seems like self analysis.

It isn't like the shock of being a woman discovering that the way we have sex is designed rigidly and that female sexual dysfunction is often when your body becomes unable to act the part anymore. Leaving you devastated because mentally you had no idea (and probably still don't).

Being fat just isn't like that. So what? The fact that rational thoughtful people are saying we are being treated unfairly makes it important enough. And to be honest, I feel I may have underestimated it myself in the past, due the trouble it has caused from others. That is something I didn't predict. IOW, it is the endless drama people are creating around it that gives one pause for thought.

If its so trivial stop putting endless hurdles in its path, stop resisting it so extremely and lets deal quickly and move on to something you consider more worthy of  attention.

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