Friday, 1 October 2010

Hold the pity

It's time to start the pity wagon for us fatties, natch.

Fat people require everyone to commit to a supreme effort of will to invoke some faux pity to join the faux concern; moralising, advice, sternness, or any other of garden variety ham reactions we have to snooze through. Do not deny us the pain of this, because we may not surrender. Don't bother with quaint notions such as courtesy given should be returned.

The general consensus to withdraw common pleasantries from fat people in order to make us feel toot bad about being fat and 'motivate' us to mend our ways with the 'incentive' of being re-assimilating into Club Normal were we will enjoy again all the fringe benefits of pretending the sun shines out of our behinds at the expense of some other designated scapegoats no doubt.

Rather than just stopping all this the thing to do is to superimpose feelings of forbearance on top.

Sounds divine.

Our vehicle for escape from the sin bin is broken and therefore cannot deliver us to the required destination. Luckily right thinking folk claim not to believe this, thereby seeing off any need to stop subjecting us to what a lot of them can hardly tolerate themselves. How fortunate for them!

You may wonder, how is sympathy giving to others what they give to you? Answer; apply lower standards to yourself than you do to them. That way you can behave worse and still act all noble dispensing pity upon the benighted. And whenever you feel like raising your standard a tad, you can claim a great moral victory.

Cue mucho gratitude from smiling yet tearful fatties, oh the pathos!

Oh you shouldn't [seriously; you should not].

Don't think anything of the courtesy shown toward you, no really, don't.

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