Friday, 10 December 2010

Acceptance and promotion of obesity

Even though being fat is supposed to be enough to show you up, that 'strangely' is not enough for certain fat acceptance detractors. No, in the tradition of those who wish to show who's boss, they wish to give it their own term, even though they clearly know that's not what it is called.

We'll leave aside those who cannot get HAES right, which when incessant is making its own little point.

What's fascinating about the response of the ignorant and thoughtlessly self absorbed is more often than not they end up blurting out exactly what their own aims are because they do not consider any other point of view, therefore nothing much else is in their head.

When it comes to their own beliefs, they say what they believe.  When others don't agree, they superimpose what they want to be the opposite of that onto those disagreeing, they do not actually consider other points of view. A sign that they know their own will not stand scrutiny.

The double whammy is that they are both therefore ignorant and not really engaging with any thoughts but their own, therefore they cannot understand but those. Some of the more shall we say, half hearted fat advocates tend to get wound up by being told they are 'promoting obesity'.

But what has struck me from the beginning is that is exactly how I think of the obesity crusade, certainly it doesn't care whether fatness increases or not-they are always predicting it will, until recent rallying. There genuinely is little doubt to me that its not a priority to master switch(es) that make weight go up or down-both would probably extend lives especially the former.

Its more about creating the appearance of this to fit into the system as it is already and serve other agendas namely protecting the medical monopoly from anything that is honest enough to derail it and put more true power of healing in the hands of lay folk.

Something that any profession has an impulse to do, keep the public dependent on them, its just the medico's have more influence than most, for now and they wish to keep it that way. Even if it is becoming increasingly untenable for all concerned and will apparently bankrupt modern health care systems.

Others wish to use it to create a weight based social hierarchy for the purposes of influence and  manipulation, directing the public-in lieu of the vaccum created by retreating religion. Ideally keeping the glory whilst offloading 'blame' (stigma actually) and responsibility to lay people. Even though lay people are too often set up for failure by having to follow their ignorant dictates, ignoring that those who have a condition often know as much, sometimes a lot more about what it means than those who've merely studied it.

There are so many reasons why I came to this conclusion even before I stopped dieting, it's just then it was out of focus as that was concentrated on seeing correct eating as a viable pathway. If it seems strange its because I ignored all my doubts and focused on getting results from my method, rather than bothering with the fact that obesity science as far as I could tell was a total joke with no real interest, by my measure for its own subject.

The acceptance of obesity as a construct is that of the obesity industry, I do not accept that being fat is a disease/eating disorder/sinful state/slag heap product of bad habits etc., nor that is a useful way of approaching or the underlying basis of mis-using the term disease to create an effect-add or take away stigma-rather than for its meaning.

But above all, I do not accept that because someone comes from a certain kind of background that this gives them special rights over anyone else, similar to a role of master and serf. I assess their ideas and if I feel they make sense, fine, if not, then I don't intend to knowingly allow 'rank' to dictate. I do not wish to worship my equals,  I seek comfort in other ways.

I could think of some names for them too-and probably come up with a better and more cogent parody of histopathology to boot and insist they call themselves accordingly, regardless of their assessment.

Luckily for them I was brought up to believe that I am just one person, not the secular replacement for the priesthood or a self appointed dictator of reality especially to those who know better -from a place of ignorance.

I was taught other people exist and they deserve my consideration by that very existence. So those who expect me to call myself anything they state or grounds I consider illegitimate, just look as deluded and irrelevant to me as I would imposing on them.

They need not worry, some people venerate everything they say, feel validated and loved by their every utterance and as long as that is consensual, that is up to them. Deference should no longer be seen as a perk of a medical degree,  now they are associated with such cant and shallow pretence.

I don't accept obesity at all. It should also be remembered that those who tell us to accept our obesity and that the first stage to exiting it is to accept that we have a problem with obesity natch (ye gads, think of the children).

And how many times have we been told that the impetus of the spread of obesity is people not realising that they are overweight/obese.

I leave the promotion to them, it should be obvious that if I don't accept it I'd hardly be interested in promoting it would I?

That is the vocation of those who believe we must pathologisevalidator.

Listen to them and learn.

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