Wednesday, 15 December 2010


This from the excellent corpulent caught my attention;
The study was fascinating as it confirmed what fat people had long been aware of: that fatness, due to the notion that body size is infinitely malleable, was seen as disgusting as it transgressed people’s morals.

Can you see it? The key is 'infinitely malleable', it's that we humans wish to believe we are infinitely malleable and masters of ourselves. This is the basis of belief which then becomes invested with 'morality' to police it. Body size comes to represent an example of how we want that to play out.

What we have in a sense is the replacement of God with our conscious minds and dictates, in an increasingly non-theist and secular age. Its funny but people are directing their will at us in the same way they want us to direct our own will at our own bodies. They become all the more enraged when we do not succumb to their power making them feel impotent and needing to compensate for that with more orders.

They must be right all the time.

That is what is so offensive about fatness and triggering about fat people saying that diets-which represent conscious assertion of will over what we eat-don't work. Food being a necessity which we use to project an extension of our identity; to define ourselves is a useful vehicle for our deeply held beliefs. It also enables us to keep repeating them to ourselves.

That is why there is such an obsession with what fat people are supposed to eat/not eat.

It is hugely upsetting, terrifying actually to hear that we cannot order our bodies to do whatever we want in ways we have been lead to expect, a terror which was covered up by investment in God, well if the 'replacement' is possibly wrong there's just a void.....

Its too awful to contemplate, many times ((((((removed)))))). So much so that people cannot hear what we are actually representing, not that the conscious mind cannot control or direct things, but that it cannot necessarily always do it by the command and control model, which has become the model of conscious control.

You see a lot of this problem with sexism. Because feminism broadens the way we can be acceptably human, it becomes feared as the 'feminisation' of society, ignoring the fact that patriarchy authority is not the rule of all men, its the rule of some men by favouring certain attributes claiming these as male traits.

This means most men are not wholly favoured by this either, but are taught that it is intrinsic to them, any way, they are better than women that makes up the deficit. Feminism by increasing acceptable behaviours and traits also has the potential to release those men from the grip of a 'masculinity' that doesn't suit them much at all.

But they often cling to the favouring that makes up for it.

We in FA are saying not that weight etc., but that it cannot be controlled in the way we've been taught, the clearest and most reassuring way to us. Attacking fat people shows resentment of the fact that our bodies can't be made to lie or appear to be pressed into this model. We fear that because we want everything to fit 'science'.

People are literally in denial about this and are lashing out at us to make us to try and make it the way they want it to be, to reassure themselves. They're hoping that pain will force us into line. But applying pain to people will eventually make them fear it less. In order to survive, you have to change the way you see things and that can weaken their hold over you and therefore their ability to inflict pain, becomes self limiting.

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