Saturday, 4 December 2010

A contrast of trust

What sticks in my mind in all this, is that it is apparently so easy to mis-trust fat people or the public in general to be capable of reporting our experiences and what happens in our own bodies accurately in this particular area of weight and health. It has now been taken for granted that we are somehow intrinsically untrustworthy. In order to believe the defined tenets of the crisis, that fat people can become thin, by their own efforts, you have to mistrust us.

There is no other way to accept one, without the other.

Okay, we get that.

So contrast this with the way we are expected to believe everything we are told by those conducting studies in this same area-passively and without question. Their actions let alone their logic are not expected to affect that trust in any way, no matter what they do or say or how they conduct themselves.

The time has long since passed for me that I could honestly feel such a level of unforgiving credulity. It seems to me what is being expected of lay people is similar to that of the religious devotion that I rejected as a child. I find that these researchers are demanding from me a level of faith and trust I know longer feel and the reason for that is the way they have behaved and are behaving. Their utter sense of entitlement adds insult to injury.

And by this, they are dragging what can be deemed as 'basis of evidence' into a sewer of dubiousness. That I cannot and will not go along with. I am not an atheist to find a new vehicle for religiosity which I can hide from myself behind a veil of scientism.

If I'm not inclined toward awed reverence of a geezer in the sky, that goes similarly for 'geezers' here on earth, even when they wear white coats. Those conducting 'research' into weight, need to understand that whilst the desire for false superiority amongst humans gives their 'findings' traction among those who find them useful to justify their opinions. They do not with people like me who instinctively tend to shrink from belief that is divorced from rationality and reason.

This is what I find so upsetting, the way respect for scientific enquiry is being mis-used by those who see it as an opportunity to gain access to the minds of those who respect it's history, in the same way those who pontificate on religious belief see that as a way to access and control the actions of others. To do whatever they feel like doing.

Although very human, understandable even, it repels.

These people are standing on the shoulders of giants, only to dump something stinky from a very great height, at the same time expecting us to keep looking at the truly righteous whose only real concern was knowledge without fear or favour, regardless of what that meant, as far as they could manage.

I'm afraid I simply tired of those who insist on behaving as if those two types are interchangeable, they most certainly are not.

In the end, I know that it makes sense that weight outliers (at either end) are more likely to be showing signs of some activity of some kind in their bodies that are less likely to be present in those in between, that stands to reason.

Any physical outliers of any kind are liable to be different from those in between-that's partly why they are able to become outliers in the first place.

However, I can neither rule in nor out any prognosis about weight-good or ill- because I simply cannot take for granted that those conducting research in this area are even capable of objectivity even if they appeared the slightest bit interested in it.

By their actions their opining, interpretation and things they say, they are guaranteeing that either way the whole subject has been totally corrupted by its own history the way it has been defined and structured at every level. I may not be very clever, but I simply cannot pretend to be as stupid as I'd need to be to take one thing they say on face value.

All any of us can do is do the best for ourselves that we can manage according to our capacity to think and reason. To a certain extent, we are on our own as to what we do to take care of ourselves. That is what happens when research is distorted according to the intentions of those who see evidence as an extension of their own personal will.

Just like smiling priests you know don't believe in god any more than any non theist and that when they say, god's will is X, they are really saying MY WILL is X.

Those who abuse scientific method similarly are judged by their actions, just as they expect us to be judged on their assertions.

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