Friday, 24 December 2010

Compliments of the season

Well, we are nearly at Christmas now, which lets face it was slapped on some kind of Winter festival called Yuletide.

I wish you compliments of the season-I'm sure that will do, time is tight. So what to leave as a thought? Well, lately I've been feeling like I'm able to disentangle more and more from the dominant mainstream 'view' of fatness-again. Which is just a de animated stereotype, especially evident when you let it go and seek to explore your own experience.

This time round I hope it sticks, because when you come round to a certain place again and again, if you're lucky, you'll find yourself getting if not stronger, more, your mind knows more, you've hopefully learned from the previous merry-go-around.

I'm looking at fat haters and thinking, why do I need to waste my time with you? It's so uninteresting. Why wouldn't it be, either they don't know what I'm talking about, or they seek to be ignorant-as you do when you take on other people's ignorance in place of your own possibility of knowledge.

And that dear peruser is what I wish for you this season, your own experience, unfiltered and unadulterated by the ignorantly overbearing who seek to impose the curtailed and strictured guesses.

Live and breathe everything that happens, both good and bad, though I hope its much more of the former than the latter of course. Maybe over the other side of this time, we'll all have something new something fresh to say and mull over.

No matter how many times you wake up and exist in the particular form you come in. There's always a new angle to perceive, to view it.

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