Friday, 17 December 2010


What is it about people and 'sides' between FA and the obesity crusade?

Whether you believe fatness is a disease called 'obesity' or just a condition of being.

What 'sides' would there be exactly?

Take having dry skin, what's the 'argument' against that? Or asthma, what is the 'other side' of that?

There can be differences of opinion around every aspect of being. About what a person can or cannot, should or shouldn't do and so on, yet one thing above all is paramount. The greatest health and well being of the people concerned.

N.B. I'm not saying that asthma is like being fat, but comparing concepts of disease to show how the crusade measures up with an ideal of increasing health or fighting disease. I'd advise everyone to do that, incessantly. Isolating fatness from everything else is key to maintaining the unquestioned status of obesity propaganda.

One has to ask if the crisis is so healthy and effective, why aren't they doing the same with proper diseases? Attacking people from a moralisitic stance, to 'save' them?

Lets be honest about this, the crusade has got nothing to do with improving the health of fat people that's why we need an actual conversation to begin. To stop people believing they will diet down the line, which fails or never happens. Whilst they could be doing other things that will actually benefit, before they reach a crisis point.

It is also recognised there are liable to be differences in perspective and culture between those who are/have said condition or state of being and those who study it and others. No-one insists the first know nothing and the latter, know everything, nor are they expected to just channel medical opinion, rather than consider their actual experiences and realities.

When it comes to any health matter there is only one side and that is to support, maintain and increase health, in this case, that of fat people. That is all that matters in this. There is no other side, unless it is against that.

No body on earth wants the health of fat people, more than fat people. Others may want other things; money, influence, obeisance. We want ourselves, intact.

It is our hearts, our spleens, our pancreases, our livers, our kidneys, bones, sinews, muscles, organs.

Our bodies.


No one else's.

Not medical professions, slimming companies, Big Pharma, surgeons, haters, pundits, hoi polloi or politicians.


And we are in our own favour. We are re-learning how to be more so after letting it be about other people and discovering that was really about them.

There is only one side, the side for fat  people. If there appears to be two sides, some people are on the wrong one.

Guess who?

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