Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Fat Rights

I find the idea of fat rights to be oddly contrived. Surely it's a case of human rights or more likely in this case, courtesies extended to all? Even in the case of fat people, we are on the medical shit list, any rights are being impinged upon by that.

This bypasses a more direct attack through politics. There should therefore be a discussion on how much power the medical profession should have over anyone's life. And how much ability scientists and/or researchers should have to redefine you out of humanity. And indeed to redefine your sanity out of existence.

To re-classify you as a disease class of leechlike vermin.

How much veracity should their systems of classification be expected to have? Should things like the convenience of medical insurance be any part of that? If they get it wrong, who should be responsible for checking that? Should they be able to label your body and your character guilty without a hearing? Should your body weight alone be allowed to define the level of your sanity?

The professionals used to say, ask the public. In this case, we are the ones who have been silenced by their ideology of disbelief. They've undermined our integrity and their chosen beliefs requires it.

These are really important questions. Those who feel untouched by this ought to consider what they'd do if they were sandbagged like this. Or do they feel it couldn't possibly? I'll let the into a secret, neither did we. 

Those accused of crimes can usually expect to be tried by a jury of their peers. If we are to be found guilty-by-body, taxed and fined, should we not be entitled to defence against the might of a system that has the power to condemn many of us to torture by withholding of treatment or ultimately death?

Are people comfortable outsourcing such powers to the medical/ scientific professions? In what way are they accountable?

Either way, these are questions for everyone. Those who see this as a fat problem are living in a fools paradise. The attitude these professions have toward fat people is the attitude they have to all lay people. Slimz who think they're beloved, merely because they're slim are simply fooling themselves.

The opportunity to unleash this frustration knocked because we've been and continue to be so accepting of it. I know people will say this is unfair and puts the burden on us, if so, would that make it less true?

The point is, other people do not accept or even actively reject this kind of treatment and that seems to be the decisive factor in this case.


The responses we have can be shaped by cultural legacies. Women's rights, Gay rights and so on. There were of course no "Black rights." The struggle for US Black people's inclusion into the basic civil rights of their country was rightly called "The Civil Rights movement." Black People's exemption meant the concept as a whole existed effectively as a system of privileges that could be withheld at the caprice of power.

Therefore there were no civil rights, only assigned privileges, until Black People could properly participate. 

In the end, there are no women's, gay or any other specialist rights, there are only human rights. And their extension to all human beings.

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