Friday, 14 June 2013

The Arc of Weight Symmetry

When it comes to a tricky perception shift, I'll take help where I can get it. The story of Taryn Wright which points to what's missing from our learned purview on weight. Here's a woman that went from slim, fatten, then became slim again.

What's unusual is the way says her body became slim again. It was the way virtually everyone gains weight, backwards. Like a movie rewind.  Her weight literally, reversed itself, triggered by a change in circumstances, as a consequence of underlying change in her metabolic functioning.

This is what I have repeatedly said. Weight should come off the way it comes on, spontaneously with no more than the minimal actual effort due to reversal being consciously directly. That isn't the case with most gain which the body leads.

It's just that in western model countries, this hasn't been (re)discovered.

All the weight loss dieting, calorie restriction, proto anorexia/orthorexia as lifestyles, good food /bad food fixation nay obsession, with fitness, exercise bulimia, operations, pills etc., are all substitute for this kind of underlying resetting of function.

Which is and should always have been the aim.

When Taryn met her then future husband-to-be, she was slim. Her body gained slowly from the engagement, from what I can tell. She got married and that gain continued. She spoke about her feelings during the marriage, she felt cast adrift from her previous life-which she enjoyed-and felt trapped in her sense of isolation.

During this, she said she did the usual drill fat people endure of weight loss diet fail. Then after getting divorced, her underlying function responded and altered on its own. This, change her habits and the way she felt in general.

Ironically, her body seems to have slightly overshoot it's previous starting point. How often does that happen the other way?

Isn't that the exact same narrative of most people's spontaneous body led weight gain, in reverse? You realise you're gaining/ have gained weight. Perhaps your habits change or they don't. Perhaps you feel a change in your energy, up or down, perhaps not. This is interpreted as leading and causing. But this demonstrates what many of us have noted, it's the other way around.

Because your body is operating more of it's own volition, given whatever may or may not be triggering it. Behavioural change is merely the more outward expression of that underlying shift.

And that's how it should be reversed too. Your body should lead and your behaviour, the outcome of that underlying shift. Instead, we've been stuck with the punitive disordered system by the reign of fanatics.

Taryn's reversal completes a perfect symmetrical arc of weight gain and loss, that is the same backwards as it is forwards. That makes total sense. This has always been a MIA factor when it comes to metabolic function. Instead, the obsessive focus on attacking adipose tissue, doesn't match the smooth holistic spontaneous gaining process.

Using the body's ability to alter its own function efficiently is the only worthwhile and viable way to not only alter people's metabolic function. But also to treat metabolically related ailments and even mental health conditions, without drugs. There's even a possibility of it leading to ways of reversing certain processes that create organ damage. And less importantly, their weight. 

Finding ways to direct this with our own minds would make it accessible. Look at the mess created by using food and activity as the route. Look who it leaves out, those most in need. It is and always has been an indulgent disgrace. 

Some have asked, what if a slim person has the same metabolic problems as a fatter person? How could they benefit from this kind of underlying shift? Our idea of conflating weight with function is suspect. Probably, the slim person's symptoms would improve, without them losing any real weight. Or perhaps just minimal few pounds.

As that aspect of their function has not been invoked, there would be little or nothing to alter.

Human metabolic function is like a recording studio with all its faders and buttons. Adjusting the various switches makes the same musical arrangement sound different.

It' s like part of a menu of effects, dependent on individual make up, circumstance and whether the condition is genetically inspired or more environmentally prompted. Or all. I suspect those who get to the highest weights have a multiple combination of factors. Genetics, on circumstance, on individual responsiveness, on environment and etc.,

The point is, this reversal is gentle and unobtrusive so it will not be destructive in the way the calorie restriction , attack tissue model has been.

People deserve nothing less.

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