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Just about the hardest thing to get through to anyone, regardless of size is that fat acceptance is another paradigm. It sees weight from a different view, one that involves the subjectivity excluded from the 'obesity' crusade. Fat people's that is. There's plenty of course from those who aren't, in fact, it's all about theirs.

Now subjectivity is the not the opposite of objectivity as is often promoted. It is the other end of the same rod. The former being, internal experience and/or observation, the latter experience that can be externally observed or perceived.

When you perceive an experience internally, that can be seen from the outside i.e. sneezing, it just either end. Your perspectives are different but they can enrich through adding dimension.  They aren't in competition with each other.

We are all taught from a basis of calories in/out and that this is an objective reading of the biology of size. Argument with this is set up as a dichotomy within that paradigm. When in reality, the basis of fat consciousness operates outside the paradigm. The subjective requires fat people to have human consciousness, turning people as disease in that framing, is hardly that.

What further complicates is, we are all taught this. This means fat people haven't yet developed a full picture of fat subjectivity. Fat people were just an extension  of the exclusion of what turned out to be, their own personal subjectivity. This is a point many don't get. Along with many fat people, they act/ assume that whilst our subjectivity was erased from the common discourse, it went on inside our own heads nonetheless. Just like many other groups who've been far more ill treated than us.

What's so extraordinary about fat people, is that it really doesn't seem to have, not in a cogent and fluent way. We literally had to flattened our own internal stream of sensory reality. What I'm not entirely sure is how much can be recovered when the situation less repressive enough to be conducive to those memories and feelings popping up.

We had to do this not simply because we were following orders from outside, but due to the fact that 'obesity' is disease without aetiology.

The idea is, fatness is a product of a consistent series of desires to 'overeat'. This makes your size a conscious product of that and therefore a conscious decision. This mind that I'm using to work out my thoughts and what to type, plus to type it, is where my conscious desires are.

But that part of me has never desired to be fat. So your common or garden fat person has a problem. The aware part of them has no recognizable desire whatsoever to be fat. Nor even to eat "too much." Yet somehow we still are (fat that is). So we have a conscious will, that we cannot locate anywhere. A will that is non existent in the only place we know conscious direction existss, our conscious mind.

Of course eating is decided in response to hunger. Like the urge to sleep does for sleeping. The only point of hunger is to signal the need for energy and that is inbuilt. It is not a decision. So again, you've got the idea of will imposed on something that isn't willful.

Anyway the upshot of this inscrutable void is that in a way you have to leave yourself. Psychologically, you must abandon and detach from yourself, rather like you have to disassociate with anything to do with fat or fatness and therefore your own physical manifestation, or body as we like to call it. Because the cause is somewhere inside you, that kind of is or becomes you, once you've accepted the accusation.

You can see, this is really a view from the consciousness of someone for whom fatness is overwhelmingly foreign, i.e. a slim person. Except it becomes your own. You are mentally taken over by this impression. It's hard not to laugh when it is then suggested, fat people are less intelligent.

If you don't know you aren't the 'cause' of your fatness, its not surprising you don't quite realise how much this has suppressed your actual experience and how much this is missing from the whole picture. It's not helped by the fact that you're told the reactions of your body to all this pathological infraction is your unlocated sin trying to regain a hold of you. Or that fat people's subjectivity is fighting for the desire to kill ourselves with cake.

That's why I say, there is something of the occult about it all. An invisible fatty demon is possessing you, and you must fight it with the moral strength blahdy, bleeeeerrrggggh.

Anyway, this means fat acceptance ends up dominated by the psychological aftermath of this, which is a back and forth within the dominant paradigm. It setting up various abstractions; "fatness isn't healthy for you". Utterly meaningless unless its basis is your self dispossession/ an outside view which of course it is. But as you are trying to re-gain your subjective grounding, reaching for a suppressed and flatlined consciousness, how can it make sense that your body is "unhealthy" for itself?

How can you "answer" that? Indeed, how is it even a question?

It's as invisible as the exact local of the aetiology of 'obesity' as somehow your will, that isn't.

Fat consciousness inside or outside FA, is not an argument with the crusade, how can it be when it's necessarily excluded from its terms? If fat people exist as conscious people, 'obesity' could not have been established. The purpose of that construct is to define consciousness out of people. If it did not, what causality would it pursue?

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