Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I used to say fat people were defined on paper. Written in hostility, by others. We have been turned into an idea of a person, that replicates. An epidemic.

Often this is deemed dehumanization. Dehumanized, what do we mean by that? Less than, below human, sub-human?

The reaction to us in meat space and even on-line is often one of pronounced over sensitization. The contrast between the definition that has taken root, which is an idea (not a person or being). Versus an idea-come to life.

The shock of this.

An idea come to life is shocking. Life where there shouldn't be appals. A computer that thinks for itself. The robot with it's own consciousness that take over and enslave mankind. It disturbs our idea of inanimate. Of a consciousness that by definition doesn't exist, that is immaterial.

The root of the idea of fat people as disease is in people's minds. As an idea, we may become immaterial. But the idea of us, the ideas about us.... come to life............unnerves.

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