Friday, 28 June 2013

Labels not Beliefs

Responses to the AMA's recent decision to make the pretence that people are disease, official, have caught me off guard.

The thing that's causing the most brain freeze is the realisation that people who call themselves "humanists" or atheists, have no opinion. Or are indifferent, are not in anyway philosophically, metaphysically or intellectually engaged.

HUMANist, get it? As in human. This is from a humanist website;
a commitment to the perspective, interests and centrality of human persons; a belief in reason and autonomy as foundational aspects of human existence; a belief that reason, scepticism and the scientific method are the only appropriate instruments for discovering truth and structuring the human community; a belief that the foundations for ethics and society are to be found in autonomy and moral equality…
I've never been able to identify as a humanist though I am. This is just confirming my suspicions. What's to it really?
Those who are not religious have available to them a rich ethical outlook, all the richer indeed for being the result of reflection as opposed to conditioning.
Ha, ha, ha, dare to dream AC Grayling!

The first definition on that website was ominously "trusts to the scientific method". Sadly, this has tended to dim my mood in recent years. When it comes to 'obesity' as too many of these types have failed to properly balance that "trust." So much that a distant echo of science will sometimes do. See how easily our mind formulate worship?

Allow me to assist the chronically underwhelmed. Part of the recent fuss from British, US and other psychologists about the recent DSMV update, was the categorization of grief, as mental illness. Rather than a natural process of bereavement. So that it can be "treated." Medicine is truly becoming a replacement religion.

They were upset that feelings were being pathologized.

So how is no one exercised by the idea of humans being pathologized? It's like a palimpsest- a copy without an original. That three letter word F-A-T or is it the five letter one O-B-E-S-E? It's like mental delete button. Make no mistake, we aren't talking about a facet of you that can be (somewhat) divorced from your being. As bad as that is, we are talking bodies. I know people think you aren't your body. Whilst I appreciate the metaphysics, that simply isn't true. Anyway, it's not the point.

If pathologizing emotions exercises instincts on a visceral level, how can pathologization of all bodies not? And what about the psychological implications of that? One of the sponsors of that i-petition? "Society for Humanistic Psychology." Cute.

I felt the similarly about feminism and fat women. Leaving aside the desire to be thin, the fat phobic misogynist disgust of the (fat) female body as an accepted universal symbol of female self disgust. Or that this was deemed an appropriate way of just possibly increasing the chances of thinness.

No, what really got me was none of them seemed to have any real suspicions about such assertion of women as barely sentient. Incapable of understanding simple instruction such as ELDM (eat less do more) or as incapable of understanding their own actions.

And here's a big clue, from a bunch of patriarchs dealing in the most rigidly infested eau de bootstrap reductio ad absurdum rationale. I mean, you are "responsible" for the design of the way your body functions? You don't have to find out how it actually works and work with that?

At the same time its okay to believe you can't control your emotions, negative feelings, anxiety levels?

If there aren't enough clues there, then I've no idea what feminists actually believe in. Certainly "the radical notion that women are human."is still too radical for them. You'd think they'd want to know that.

This was on top of other things, but it still caught me by surprise because weight seems such a trivial thing, that I was totally unguarded about it. And when you're that way, your rationalization process is on standby. Like it or not, that rationalization saves your beliefs from fatal disillusionment. I thought, this is so trivial, we'll all just discuss it and work through it.

So it is with this. Except I can't say I really care. I already know better than that. It just indicates yet again that many people are carrying labels without belief. None of the elders of the tribe told them to be outraged, so they don't have a scooby. Fatz obviously don't count for human so nuts to them.

Mere emotions or responses declared mental imbalance creates real resistance. The people who generate them, nothing.

Labels not beliefs.

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