Friday, 7 June 2013


People are beginning to catch on it seems. And few things are more likely to enrage than a flagrant attempt to talk people out of abilities they may well have in abundance. No one likes to be told they what they do and don't have based on something as irrelevant as size. No one wants to be locked into that prison of believing you aren't capable, without any legitimacy. 

More even than the untoward projections. Here we have the usual insertion of the overweening obsession with food and what fat people must eat according to the restrictive mindset, but also, trading on the pathetic "willpower" defence of the arc of uselessness that is WLD.

Of course if Miller had so much power of will, he'd have kept it locked himself. Reminds me of the feeling I get when ubiquitous hate comments have to be deleted by internet moderators. Lecturing others on their lack of self control is a way to lose your own. It makes people feel above reproach and the restraint to make their point civilly.

Such banality is also a sign of someone who's not thinking. Does Miller really think there are no fat people who managed to get PhD's? How would he explain that and the necessary gullibility of bigotry that will believe anything to try and justify it's own loopy hatreds?


According to his seat of learning, evolutionary psychology (I'm saying nothing) in which the fittest are supposed to be on top due to their innate superiority. In this case that seems to be superior bitching.

How unromantic. Other people aren't supposed to fix it for the 'best' through self annihilating role play. That rather undermines the metaphor of the naturally cream rising to the top of the hierarchy. Seems he believes that has to be contrived. How does that sit with underlying principles?

Incidentally, this clown has claimed to have provoked this kerfuffle for a project. He didn't mean it and unlike fatz, he doesn't expect that to count against him. He's away right now probably trying to work it out.

If he manages to pull that off, I can't say I won't have a sneaky smile.  

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