Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hold the front page............

Here's a bit of "news".  Fat shaming has been discovered to increase the likelihood of remaining a fatty bum, bum.

I hope all those who've been ragging on fat acceptance acknowledge that this has now been "discovered", (again). Without getting out from under this stupid crusade. Folks either wouldn't be 'discovering' this. Or it would be buried.

My political sense is lacking. So I'll just go on a say, this is the principle operating beneath the surface. From children who are targeted for fatness by their families, to the crusade rationale.

i.e. they keep being told they're fat all the time, whether they are or not. To the way,  "You are fat because you're too comfortable with yourself. So the answer is to discomfort yourself beyond your endurance" was, oxymoronic.

Leaving aside qualms about the study and its interpretations. It's entirely logical that if stress can tend to increase the likelihood in weight, in the susceptible, that more stress will increase their weight. Under the guise of reducing weight, one can exploit biological tendencies.

Internalizing demarcations comes in the form of efforts to acquire slimness.

Fat people have become increasingly strictured into a discreet class. What's the point of that, if they can easily escape? It's not about conspiracy, so much as opportunism. I think we all expected slimness to be simple and easy to acquire. When it became clearer it was not, well....that's a different story, isn't it?

I mean why say it's moral that fatness should be ended by calorie restriction a punitive, costly and above all, inefficient means? Is it moral for your software to be really slow and buggy? Did people say, "Bill Gates, stop improving your S/W, its immoral?"

Did they heck.

It's the sense of security about that sentiment too.  So sure no change will occur that will make manipulating ones metabolism as easy as we all once thought.

Anyway, here's the new instructions fatz. Calm the hell down about everything. Stop taking anything seriously. Stop giving too much of a shit about what doesn't matter. Become independently centred, emotionally and psychologically self sufficient.

Do not obey, make up your own mind. Treat authority as your equal. Bow down to nobody.

Will this make you slim?

Who cares?

Let's "try" this as hard as we did weight loss dieting.

[By the way. Fatness was never stigmatize to motivate fatz. It was dirtied to repel chubbies and slimz from fattening.]

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