Tuesday, 30 July 2013

No mirror image

Fat hating is a bad decision that makes people mean and wingnutty. Even those who are really nice, level headed, decent beyond reproach usually etc., succumb to this. It's the adoption of the 'thought' process, not the person that makes it so.

If you can think of an example where you think you know everything about someone you're ignorant about and they know nothing. Then you might be able to kid yourself that this is another example of that. But think about it, who knows less than you about themselves?

I'll give you a minute.

Such an extraordinary notion is so impertinence that it ought to invoke extreme reticence.  You'd be very watchful for any signs that you could be wrong. Not resting on a sense of infallibility.

People are popped out of this stupor whenever they're subject to scrutiny. And the urge then is to flip this script and just put fat people in this role instead. And then argue with that as if that must be our opinion.

The arrogance is the not infrequent notion of those who consider themselves oh so 'superior' is, they must know every thought that could possibly occur in the minds of the 'inferior'. Rather than admit, looking at themselves in this condition makes them feel wretched, they'd rather just claim we're all doing the same.

Well we're not.

I do not claim fat people are any better than anyone. Note saying we aren't worse isn't that, just because parity translates as superior from the inferior. 

No fat people are not defining you as disease. Claiming that your body is a toxic pile. I think you'll find.

"Only dogs like bones"isn't that you'll note. The only people I've heard say that are people who claim to be oppressed by it.

Turns out those who had no trouble with us being accused of being wrong from top to bottom, inside and out. Cannot tolerate their own actual wrong doing. They cannot say, "Mea culpa" that was wrong. I'll stop.

Nope, apparently, that's too hard.

Even though they have the comfort of knowing they have plenty of official company. 

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