Monday, 29 July 2013

Phantom Wh"y"

Virtually all fat haters make this error at some point. Their minds add a phantom "y" to the end of "health" in the phrase "health at every size" or HAES. Changing it to "healthy" often "at every size". Which of course would not be HAES. 

Then they pull out the pin and go off into a sneering fury. Despite being wrong.

No change there.

This additional letter tells us a lot about the only way most people can manage to perceive fat people. As a figment of their imagination, to use as they please. The wish to cast us as wanting to believe we are 'healthy'. When that is clearly them. Most fat people believed it when we were told fatness was bad. For a long while.

Their denial, which is all too human, is then projected onto us, so these folks can tell themselves off by telling us off. This kind of self rejection, shame about one's true feelings, along side a self regard that insists no suffering, even if that ends up creating suffering. Like an excess of safety rules that starts to make things unsafe.

It is typical of the pattern of fat hate. Too much love of self and too little self acceptance at the same time. 

The not bothering to find out what we actually think is self defence. This can only disappoint. A bit like kids who don't want to find out Santa Claus doesn't really exist.

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