Monday, 29 July 2013

The Gift that keeps Giving

Fat people can't help being the gift that keeps on giving. Here we see volunteering to pay thousands for the privilege of having your digestive system messed up has proven to be serendipitous. It seems bypassing the stomach makes the intestines work harder. It's possibly a key to the reversing diabetes effect some experience after weight loss surgery, even before significant weight loss. 

The intestines have to adapt to the loss of the stomach as a viable intermediary, that also uses up  energy. As we have been saying, the body spontaneously, goes along this course to vary its own use of energy. The question is how to restore this to previous levels. No, it is not disease, this is about function and how to tweak or change it, to alter its course. Virtually any function can spontaneously alter its course.

That's why folk medicine is often overly concerned with tonics-to keep things on track-and restoratives, to get them back if derailed.

It may help point out to some fat activists why we must master human metabolic function and/or figure out how to manipulate it. This isn't just about weight loss/gain.

This hints at the prospect of further treatments for all sorts of conditions-both mental and physical. The way the body manages, uses and expends its energy is an avenue for progress in many directions. It can and should change the way medicine functions.

The key now is to find out how to promote/achieve this effect, without butchering people's systems for cash. If we are really lucky, someone might be able to work out how to do this, by using the mind as the the instigator of a chain reaction. Thereby cutting out or at least down on the middle men altogether.

That's the way to have more inclusive and affordable healthcare.

You'll note this is arse backwards for those with more valued bodies. Usually, the professionals are extremely conservative about preserving healthy function, seeking to intervene in the most direct and efficient way possible. The experimentation goes on before it result becomes product. It should go without saying that this is a good rule of thumb for all, despite their social status.

Like equal before the law.

There's getting to be quite a history of devalued bodies being used as part of medical experimentation. It's sometimes hard not to snigger when it is claimed certain experimentation could not be done today due to today's ethical constraints. Oh rilly?! I wouldn't lose hope 'experimenters'.

The tradition continues, albeit in a more improved voluntary form. Though one cannot discount the context of extreme medically induced devaluation of fat bodies. The lesson here is to be verrrry wary of the professionals ever stamping negative value on any body.

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