Sunday, 14 July 2013


Still somewhat perplexed in the wake of this AMA ruling. What's more shocking to me than the decision itself, which just rubber stamped what many already pretend, is that it isn't wholly obvious, people simply cannot be re-defined as disease, full stop.

The things that caution one against defining people as disease are what you choose to overcome in order to state such in the first place. How people do not feel demeaned by the suggestion, irrespective of their size I really can't comprehend.  No one has the authority to force this on anyone else without consulting them or against their will.

I find this hard to argue, there's just nothing to argue about. This definition has no merit whatsoever. The notion that it should be considered on the grounds of it's purported effects, doesn't come close to being good enough.

i.e. that it will alleviate stigma, lead to research, get doctors paid is nonsense. Seriously, those things should be happening or are already happening. Doctors are already paid to treat their fat patients. What do they need any more cash for? We are told it's not their "problem." If it was their Sisyphean burden, what's their explanation for withholding of this heretounforseen 'treatment' thus far?

No inability to prescribe weight loss meds or operations has been perceived. According to that woman who works in a specialist bariatric butchery wholesalers, there's nothing comin' for big ole fatz.

Is she missing something? Pray tell us do AMA.

There's supposed to be "obesity science" already though no-one could work out the point of it. Now the docs have admitted how worthless this has been in, the last 20 or 30 years, what has that uselessness to do with how fatness is classified? What's the relationship between the two? 

One of the reason's why I have had contempt for the medical profession, when it comes to 'obesity' is they didn't bother to tell whoever is doing this 'work' to get their finger out. All their attentions instead centred on the easy targets, fat hoi polloi.

Just like any small minded cowardly bullies. Long before I ceased punishing myself, I realized that could not work. Progress was required to reverse weight. To imply our being mis-classed as is some kind of decisive factor requires greater explanation than they've bothered to provide.

Are they really suggesting their support of hate campaigning against fat people has put worthwhile people off studying fat and other people's metabolic function? Why would falsification of humanity draw any less bogus operators?

And if this decision stands and this does draw interest, sounds like anyone who's been hurt or harmed by those years of hate, has cause to consult their lawyers. 

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