Friday, 26 July 2013

If 'obesity' doesn't refer to fat as disease, what's the point of it?

See anything untoward about this title?
"Obesity is not a disease"
What is 'obesity' then? A construct that exists to pretend being fat is wrong..... about its reason for existing. How clueless in their vindictiveness are fat phobes planning to be?

Take this one;
BUT eating shitty foods and not exercising and then blaming your obesity on what you like to call a 'disease' is disgusting.
Who likes to call what disease?

These people are so mind numbed from accepting such falsehood, they can't tell many fat activists, for want of a better term, are objecting. There's seems little clamour from the public for this-except from those who demand fat people pathologize ourselves for their so called 'compassion'. There's nothing too surprising about this except the reality of such a collapse of a person's ability to reason.

Over the years I recognized fat people are taught to have the same opinions about fatness as everyone else. Therefore we are deviating from a singular thought pattern, rather than having the experience of a fat centred consciousness.

I wondered about the assumption that fat people have "fat opinions". I thought it came from the idea that we are morally weak, lacking in will to the point of being 'sick' so we are all about defending our 'sickness'.

Then I thought it was that the mal-design of 'obesity' meant no distinction between us and our so called 'disease', meant, we were deemed the voice of disease.

I finally think it's due to fat people being defined by our bodies are supposed to mean. This becomes our supposed point of view.

The latter two are more or less alike. The nuance is being the voice of disease, means you can hope to change that. If you change what that voice is saying. i.e. parrot the "I'm a sorry fatty" spiel, eyes down cast, pronounced frown, lip trembling (follow through with wobbling flesh is even more disgust invoking  moving.)

But when your body's size is the opinion, what you actually say makes little impact. As there's no need to hear what you say. Even when you tell haters directly and volubly that you really do not wish to be seen as disease, honest.

Their brain doesn't know what to do with that. Hence Michael Tanner's pitiful attempt to grind his responsibility shirking axe. None to co-incidentally, he says;
At first glance, it’s a minor story, hardly worth mentioning, 
Why would defining human beings as disease to the "Individual enterprise crew" be hardly worth mentioning? Oh right, critical faculties have already been bypassed, numbed by the appeal to baser instincts. Interesting that this so easily trumps the nominal worship of the sanctity of the individual. So much for the vaunted detestation of "identity politics" (i.e. "political correctness gone mad".)
but in reality the AMA’s move is a symptom of a disease that is seriously troubling our society: the abdication of personal responsibility and an invitation to government meddling.
Oh really sucker? Well I think you'll find you're part of the "symptom". You didn't realise that because beating people down seems emotionally in keeping with what you consider politics.

Seriously, what do people who use the term 'obesity' think it has been disseminated for? Five minutes ago, no one knew how to call anyone 'obese'. Now, no one seems able to call fat people, people. We're the "epidemic".

How is anyone who goes around blabbing 'obesity' this and that going to shirk responsibility for breaking the ground for this decision? What if people had said phooey to calling people disease? What if they'd bothered to question the difference between fat body as and person. Or whether the idea of the body as the product of a pathological countenance?

No sense of consequence, only of pleasure. Of getting someone. Well, is it worth it? All people like this think about is instant gratification of being feeling special, merely because they exist. How bad must they feel most of the time.

Repeat an old cowcake axiom: Whatever fat phobes lecture you about, is what they're about to demonstrate.

Oh and here's another one. Fat people owe you nada

The med prof had this nasty absolutely pegged. Appeal to the urge to scorn, vent, displace unprocessed experience, punish, despise, feel superior to and you've got opportunity. And all thought goes out the window.

Mind you, given they're operating from baser urges themselves, that's no leap. 

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