Monday, 16 February 2015


Red alert! Red alert! Someone's mentioning the biggest unmentionable in 'obesity'.  No, not that fat phobic hate tropes are a (self hating) critique of mainstream's own bullshit, that fat phobes wish to re-create fat people as an underclass or even that there's a real charge of joy for good people feeling they're puppeteering other humans and want to play with them i.e. see pain register in a fat person's face etc.,

Nope, CURE.

Think about the last time you heard about a cure for 'obesity' that isn't "personal responsibility" or calorie restriction dieting? How many 'scientific papers invariably start off something like;

"Obesity' is a very serious health condition that affects 690 million people around the world." 

No mention of cure, strange given we're supposed to be pretending to be dis-ease or at least a "serious health problem". Why not at least bother with the pretense of seeking a cure? What's the point of all this fuss if not to drive a cure for said perilous affliction?

That question is being asked, not openly though. I'm hearing a lot of those involved in health insisting: "We must take this seriously." They won't directly state. " Let's start looking for that works."

When's the last time you heard people making a fuss about a disease but, no, we don't want no cure, heck no, we just want to treat it. Why so coy?

There absolutely must be a prospective cure for every disease or serious health condition that is the law of scientific medicine. Indeed, whole fields of such have that as their guiding aim. Cure. "Cure for cancer" was a phrase that entered the lexicon, not treat cancer, that's what you do whilst you're looking for a cure. That's a given.

How could such an incidental possibly be the endgame? The overriding aim?

Whether we agree with what people say or not, we can take their assertions on their own terms and ask do they make any more sense on their own terms? The absence of cure, metaphorical or otherwise is enough of a departure-and an ominous one at that-to raise questions.

The media has seen fit to let them off that too though;
Because obesity isn’t a disease.....
Wow, journalism lives.

You'll not be surprised to learn such off message talk comes from outside "obesity science." He has no surprises though. He wants to take an "appetite suppressant" based on a chemical found in the colon, cut down/suppress its flaws and unleash it on the willing public. 

Let me tell you a little something about appetite suppressing. By re-training my nervous system into a palpably calmer state-through use of various mental techniques, my body became more balanced and that allowed the excess function in my appetite/hunger mechanism to reduce to a normal range. In other words, it's not a good idea to suppress primal anatomical signals, even when they're in excess -the necessity of them tends to make them fight back. Instead, seek to reduce the production of them. Don't run around trying to deal with them after the fact. 

Feel free to use that old chap.

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