Friday, 20 February 2015

It doesn't Cure, it Vaccinates and Treats tho'

This should be good:
Diet and exercise alone are no cure for obesity, experts say.

The headline appears to be a recognition of what we've been reporting, restricting calories is both the wrong target and the wrong end to deal with underlying metabolic function. That one word though says something else instead. That impersonating an anorexic, whilst pretending to be a professional athlete-without said profession-isn't enough.

More is demanded of on top of that.

Slim people should step back in awe. They're a world away from being asked for so much, to so little end [not a pun]. In a context where a headache pill is currently selling itself on relaxing the muscles in your scalp-because that's such hard work, even an the age of "mindfulness."

Where people think nothing of receiving pills to get to sleep-despite their checkered history. Pills to regulate their mood- because learning to change those simply isn't conscionable, moods are sacred. Moods are pweacious, like fee fees (well some people's anyway.)

Pills to suppress hyperactivity-i.e. calm down, because how can anyone be expected to learn to do that? Ironic given that we're being asked to suppress a basic primal signal, by being told, "It's not real hunger." Why don't they tell others that just isn't real too? Would that spare healthcare coffers also?

What about pills/ gizmo's to regulate slight bladder dysfunctions-is the idea of an adult relearn what children have to learn that beyond the pale? Pills and operations for stress coming out in people's backs et al (oh there's so much more). If anything that requires training, restriction or interruption of your life is just too much. Everywhere you look further investigation comes only after convenience has been utterly exhausted. That's not any kind of position to instruct others to become ruled by the voluble absence of any such notion.

The thing with this is not to show up the abject docility (i.e. lack of "personal responsibility") in the usual doctor-patient relationship, in comparison with the absurdly unrealistic demands of "weight management"* no its to repeat that this vast chasm of expectation means those asking it, have no grasp of what they're asking, because they never ask nor expect it of themselves.

[*Actually it's, energy manipulation. The body already manages its own weight-that's what you've failed to overrule. And why everyone who's "careful" isn't 100lbs and the supposedly carefree piggy gluttons aren't all 900lbs.]

Only when you have say an internal narrative like..... "I've got a headache, okay, I'm letting go of tension in my head-not enough, okay in my neck, shoulders, upper back....? Now I have a period cramp, ditto-that's part of my on-going programme of retraining my body to get less tense, so for now, I'll just have to change the way I view this pain, oh, my back, okay, what's been happening lately, okay, so certain recent situations have had more of an effect on me than I imagined, okay, how can I change my perspective/pov to relieve this pressure and therefore the pain in my back.....if indeed that does turn out to be the decisive factor....."all whilst continuing to participate in everyday existence of course.......

Only when you demand this kind of thing of yourself, does what you're asking of people, begin to really come into meaningful view. You can more likely see things like, you're asking people to block hunger/appetite signals-obviously. You've stopped this weird anorexic pretense that this doesn't exist or is somehow "false." To stop having emotions 'cos "emotional eating" [hey, I don't know] no more  sacredness of emotions then.

It's only a matter of time when you start realizing, block hunger constantly-why not just adjust it at source-so you don't have to keep wasting time blocking it after the fact? That gives something to pose to those daring to call themselves "weight loss/management" smeckperts.

Eventually its realized this won't necessarily produce significant weight change so, several things can become apparent, though intake and weight can sometimes be in tandem, they can also be divergent to the point almost of disconnection. So, then it becomes, what do you focus on? Where do you apply that to adjust weight? Then our ignorance of metabolic anatomy and physiology becomes clear.

If I ask nothing of myself, and everything of you, and I'm in charge, you are contained within my ignorant, incompetence and low-ask standards. Indeed the extent of extraneous effort  comes straight out of that limitation and ignorance, facilitated by the dehumanization of characterizing people not as people-like yourself-who you'd apply your own standards to, but disease-like pathogens that can be poked, prodded manipulated and owned, like in a lab.

Like lab rats? Made to do this, made to do that. Filled with this or that substance, see what happens, after 12 weeks-a rodent cycle-nothing? Pump something else into it. All whilst controlling/dictating its feed and activity. There's an open ended time limit on energy manipulation though, despite;
"We all want a fix for obesity, a cure for it," Ochner said. But "eat less, move more" is not it, he said.
I'm sure you do, that would put you right out of business.

This is named by this mindset as both "prevention" and "treatment", so tis the same as the last 40 years,  just, even more is required;
[Physicians].... should discuss with obese patients the range of medications, surgery and device-based treatments approved by the FDA to supplement diet and exercise in promoting weight loss. And they should make weight-loss maintenance--an aspect of obesity treatment that is neglected--a part of their treatment plan.
More officially enforced, will win the day eh?** These demands from people who feel its beyond them to start and end the sentence with-calorie restriction doesn't work. "Calorie restriction doesn't work, its 'vaccine' and 'treatment' though" This folding a thought/sentence back on itself is a real doozy of a cognitive distortion. I'll let you know if I find out what its called.

Even if that made any sense, those who find it too much effort to get beyond clinging to their bankrupt and broken hypothesis, who are prepared to subordinate millions to that outstanding inability, wouldn't be the ones to head that charge.

This boomerang effect really isn't a change. It's been known from the start of the crusade that diets are not going to be meet the challenge asked of them. 'Obesity' wallahs and medics convinced themselves  that **forcing it on people, using social opprobrium, then health fears, now added to that the momentum of the medical machine, would somehow make it work.

In societies where capitalism and individual freedom are articles of faith- the very antithesis of what this approach demands was overwhelmingly promoted, by those leading the charge as well as anyone. They helped put the industrial food companies they're now whingeing about in their own hospitals, including paedatric ones too. Up till recently.

All ci/co adherents say: "Of course diets don't work, they have to be for life. " One of the ways they don't work is that they can't be tolerated for long if at all. You can see this mental fillip is in essence delusional. I have no idea why calorie restriction develops this hold over a mind that can also see right through it. That does seem to be the seed pod of the same vice grip anorexia can gain over those susceptible to that condition. Along with its scrambled thinking.

By the way, the failure of the diet-weight hypothesis is not remotely "depressing" on the contrary, it's just the amazing way the body works. It's design is cleverer and better than a miniscule product of one its organs (the brain), which should be no shame to us. That sounds more like creationists disappointment with the impact they fear science has on their respective faiths.

This surprise of function is genuinely more interesting than fiction. When we can grasp some proper understanding finding ways to use its abilities-which are gifts to us- that promises to be fertile ground for changing the course of health physically and mentally.


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