Saturday, 28 February 2015

Forewarned is Disarmed: If you think you know Better

A new series called NHS £2 Billion a week and counting, is about what should and shouldn't be funded by the tax funded National Health System [NHS]. It asks the public to consider medical dilemmas related to the overall costs. What should be excluded from the NHS budget. Do I even need to tell you where this is inevitably going to go?

That's right, should 'obesity' be used as a blatant tool of rationing? Okay, they don't make it that explicit but we know that's what they mean. You just know "self inflicted" is going to be in the mix somewhere, don't you?

According to the first programme, the answer's yes it should. It featured a heavy drinker who needed a new liver and a fat woman who needed breast reduction-each was as big as two heads.

After much tooing and froing, the former was successful-he'd stopped drinking and was told if he began he would be off the list. The latter was not. The programme broadcast people's tweets live as the show was going out.

I'd like to say it was interesting, but it wasn't. It was pretty much predictable outpouring of judgmentalism for both candidates with islets of reason-you couldn't say one more than the other. Obviously, the main comment was the fat woman could solve her problem by losing weight-she'd already shed 70lbs/31kgs, though the actual principle was supposed to be whether cosmetic surgery should be allowed.

It is and it isn't- it varies.

In the end she paid for it herself, albeit at a reduced rate after going to the press. At a consultation before the surgeon told her, even if she managed a greater loss, she'd be unlikely to see much more loss from her breasts which were outstandingly large.

The whether a person should have weight loss surgery is a delight to come. I wonder if it will be mentioned that fat people have been telling people for decades that calorie restriction dieting was not cutting it. And that society chose to ignore this, that this was a gamble, which it lost and frankly, never tried to hard to win, on its own dictated terms and so anything that flows from that is called consequence.

Or even that no rigourous reality based pathway has been established-due to this mass elective delusion-so no real progression or learning curve has been established.

Or even that the social contract depends on you not attacking law-abiding people and casting them as villains, for your own personal gain. Or even-no taxation without representation/can't pay won't pay etc.,

We'll see..........

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