Wednesday, 25 February 2015

This is what Progress Looks Like

Here's some good news, Truvada an antiviral, has been found to reduce the spread of the HIV virus in a recent test. Though its not a particularly large scale study, the results on the face of it seem impressive and could be life changing for people, including the most marginalized, if not more so for them. This drug, which can be taken daily also treats HIV/AIDS, containing the virus.

It's always instructive to note what happens with genuine diseases. Those engaged in those respective fields of study look for real treatments, cure/s, plus even vaccines too boot-if apt.

Unlike the so called life threatening condition of 'obesity' which seeks only "prevention" i.e. don't "get it"/give us any work. As if that were all, don't forget, most medical science tends to start by dealing with those who have the most and acute pressing problems. In trying to grasp the nature of what they're dealing with more clearly. Because that would obviously be more important than people outside their field of study. 

'Obesity' pays little heed to this seemingly rational course. Turning it on its head, it seeks to center its attentions on people who aren't even its supposed target audience. Turning and using them only as cautionary tales, whilst all the while braying ceaselessly about the damage done being "evidence" of why those outside its cross hairs would do well to stay that way.

The reason why truvada and such happen is not because people liberate, stoke up and fully indulge their most bigoted urges. They happen because those in the field are totally invested in relieving suffering, avoiding ill health and death of those it exists to serve, regardless of their purported "moral" or perceived societal value or even how supposedly "easy" it is to avoid the real or imagined dis-ease.

Take HIV/AIDS. In the main, we're talking about avoiding sexual intercourse, not sex, nor even sexual gratification, no, we're talking penetration. Compared to what some of us are being asked to avoid, that hardly seems like a thing.

No matter though, that is of no concern. It becomes a thing, if, as in this case, people are trained that sex =sexual intercourse and well, it doesn't matter anyway, because the job of medical science is not moral philosophy and they aren't interested in that. Or they'd be in a different field altogether.

That is why real medical science doesn't piss away 40 years of effort on diddly squat. It makes progress and it works. Progress works and bullshit remains bullshit.

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