Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Harassment Effect

This person wishes to stoke up the recruiting of those who are close to fat people to continue the litany of remorseless nagging with health threats, death threats and negativity etc., He sees the mere beginnings of modest accountability for freely chosen misdeeds as a threat to his business interests.

Despite blowing hard about having the courage to abuse fat people, he unsurprisingly doesn't have the cojones to face what that makes him. Pathetically trying to hide behind the fat phobic weasel of "telling someone they're fat" for their own good, not for his own ends, natch;
'Is it OK to be fat?,' he asks. 'It's OK as long as you remember that you're not going to live as long as your slim and healthy friends and relatives. It's OK to be fat unless you want to be able to lead a full, active life and play with your grandchildren.' Remember, it's the slim and healthy people who pay for your treatment when your health fails. Why should we pay for your lack of self-control?'
Not PC you oaf just not threats to aim at someone who knows you. Fat people are the ones that have paid and are still paying;
'You know it's not OK to be fat when every time you look in the mirror someone you vaguely remember as being you when you were slim says, "Let me out you fat f*****. I've had enough". Listen to your inner voice.'
So very much about health then. And the poor lambkins is actually "tired of being called nasty." Awwww-why are these haters always so precious about their own fee fees? You'd think they could contain themselves enough to front temporarily whilst advancing on their dismissal of other people's feelings.

They're so used to being unaccountable they can't contain a whine about being told the truth. That really sums them up.

Anyhoo, let's just start from the fact that his kind don't give a damn/actively welcome the damage already done by this permissive atmosphere of lies, abuse and boundary violation. In the spirit of pandering to fat haters finding common ground perhaps there's another way of looking at this.

How about identifying the underlying principle of function that this abuse is supposed to trigger?

Which part of the brain and/or nervous system pathway does the creation of a relentless cycle of a bullying "motivational" atmosphere effect and to what specific end? That's how science works. Espying causal effects, seeking to follow them through to the basis of their underlying momentum.

When the part or parts of the nervous system reacting to this senseless harassment can be identified, experiments can begin to find way/s to trigger this effect directly, without the abuse. Though harassment is enjoyable and fulfilling to scum sucking maggots playing at being toytown sociopaths, it's ultimately inefficient and scattergun, creating more collateral damage that goes against the excuse peddled here-support of calorie restriction.

Once these effects can be repeated and predicted this can become the focus for clinical trial studies to decide rates of efficacy. All in all we shall have a more precise idea of what it's supposed to be doing and when it isn't succeeding. We can stop going round and round the same old ground.

One reason this cycle of trying to unnerve and even terrorize fat people is able to continue is the lack of any real effort to serve its targets. That means vague identification of issues, no solid techniques to deal with said problems-real or imagined, no standards for abusers to stand or fall by, little ability to discard their continued failures and above all, little hope of tangible progress.

Nice grift if you can get it. Imagine if no matter how shit your work was, you couldn't fail and could just bully others into pretending you'd succeeded?

This could lead to a whole raft of nervous system manipulation based on harassing and abusing people or whatever, not to mention violating their boundaries, ignoring their distress, seeking to crank up their anxiety, depress and even terrorizing them.

It could be called something like harass [you'd have to find the greek for that]-ology.  The study of the inducement of nervous distress and exhaustion in order to direct behaviour.

Even if you don't give a shit about anyone's feelings but your own, an atmosphere of rampant abuse  tends to create very chronic unrelieved stress state that lends itself toward fattening. As the body seeks to defend itself by attempting to balance out this cortisol laden state of attrition.

It's more than overdue for fat haters to get on with some real work. We've done enough with their useless, vindictive and bankrupt self indulgence.

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